2048 is a highly addictive game guaranteed to push your mathematical abilities to their limits.

From the developer of Pineapple Pen, Knife Hit and Sky Ball, Ketchapp brings a cool number matching game to the iPhone and Android smartphones with the hugely popular and addictive 2048. I’ll be covering this from the iOS side of things but I’m sure it will be the same on Android as well!

When I first heard of the title I thought it would be about the future as in the year 2048 and be of the space age genre of games. I then took another look and saw what is an amazing number matching game that will challenge your mathematical intellect in a fun and amazing way.

Unfortunately, I come from an inner city borough which scares most New Yorkers and even those on the west coast. It’s called the BRONX. There ain’t nothing more tough or more dangerous than walking down the sidewalks and alleyways of this most perilous borough. Drugs, prostitution, gangsterism, mafia hitmen and corrupt local politics all seamlessly join together to give off an aura of utter and total impunity for criminals. Even the toughest and most hardened, veteran police officers dare not drive through many of the mean streets in the Bronx. After all, standard issue Kevlar vests can’t protect you from the automatic gunfire of illegally modified AK-47 assault rifles, UZIs and MAC-10s.

One thing lacking in the Bronx is math or basically anything more intense or challenging than simple arithmetic such as basic single-digit addition and subtraction. I never met anyone who memorized their multiplication tables. This is probably why there is heavy reliance on money counting machines as drug dealers can’t be bothered to know how to count the money, even if it’s only $1000. So, this game “2048” is going to confuse and anger many a ruffian with the developer definitely being sent gigabytes of hate mail on a daily basis for failing to dumb down the game to Bronx cultural and educational, common core standards. My friends don’t care though but that’s only because they are dead. All my friends are dead from BLACK TAR. UHHH.  Stay away from drugs, kids!

So, let’s get right into the game of the future which is 2048! Just the number sounds exciting. I mean, it sounds so futuristic and promising and that’s pretty cool.

The purpose and goal of gameplay is to look for matching numbers and when you find them adjacent to each other you must swipe on your display to join them. Doing so will cause the numbers to join and therefore double and change color.

For example, you see two numbers that are both “4” and there’s nothing in the way of them being joined.  In other words they are on the same line. You will then swipe on the number 4 and it will join the other 4 to double and become 8. If you see two eights they will double to become 16 when successfully joined and so on.

As you can see below I have managed to join enough matching numbers that I’ve reached a whopping 256. If you are really good at it you should be able to keep doubling them until you hit 2048 which is the purpose of the game.

It’s important to join numbers as much as possible as that will help free up space on the grid. If the grid becomes full of numbers that can’t be joined then gameplay comes to an end.

I tried pretty hard to do well but couldn’t seem to combine numbers beyond 256. That said, the whole experience was pretty addictive and awesome as graphics are well laid out with a grid that’s highly visible and colorful with good placement of current and high scores.

Sound effects are the strongest part of gameplay and make me feel compelled to continue with the addictive sound of BLING! BLING! BLING! It’s sure to grab the attention of passers by and your friends who will then most likely want to play this game.

Social media connectivity is included so you can like the game on Facebook and share your high scores with friends too. I have never wanted to share my high scores as I feel that would clutter up my friends’ news feeds and perhaps cause them to feel annoyed and mute me or even unfriend at the worst.

Unfortunately at times there will be full screen pop up ads for other games made by Ketchapp. This is slightly annoying but at least it won’t cause you to lose the game as it would with games where things are always in fast motion.

Well, this is one of the games I like so much I will definitely keep it on my phone! I played this for hours and judging by the leaderboard where many gamers reached a whopping 10,000,000 points one can clearly understand just how addictive 2048 really is.

Although it’s simple and doesn’t look like much at first, once you start swiping to join and double up the numbers you’ll definitely feel it’s very enjoyable and of course the sound effects make it highly addictive too.

Although there are some intrusive pop up ads they don’t ruin gameplay so I don’t see it as much of an issue. There is also social media connectivity and sharing as well.

Taking all of this into account, 2048 gets a whopping 10/10 score. I would have given it 12 or 15/10 if I could because it’s just that good.

Show off your mathematical skills and go to the App Store or Google Play to enjoy 2048 now.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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