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From the developer of Knife Hit, 2 Cars and Fidget Spinner, Ketchapp takes the obscure art of bottle tossing and foists it upon the mobile phone with none other than Bottle Flip.

Bottle Flip. Sounds similar to Flip Master or Salad Tosser but much more perilous! I assume these are glass bottles and not the cheap but ubiquitous plastic ones. Glass bottles can be rather sharp when dropped. After all, they aren’t designed like a car window with safety glass. What a mess that bottle would make on a nice tiled or hardwood floor even after sweeping up the mess. Just think of all the scratches that would be inflicted!

Well, in the Bronx there’s plenty of bottle tossing of the 40 ounce malt liquor variety at least. Ornery and belligerent but Bronx-driven drunks perched upon the concrete steps leading up to the Section 8 public housing entrance are known to hurl a bottle of Olde English 800 out of sheer frustration upon losing a game of dominoes. Nevermind the shrieks of a little old lady hit by the heavy glass bottles..a case of “friendly fire” one may suppose or if the trajectory is just right, a direct hit on a passing by undercover law enforcement vehicle’s windshield which immediately results in gangstas scattering as the tires come screeching to a halt with sunglass-clad, mustached officers with leather jackets jumping out to draw their weapons on the perpetrators.

Yeah, so, like..bottle tossing may be a misdemeanor in most states but it is a felonious assault of the third degree in the bottle littered landscapes of the Queens and Bronx boroughs, especially when a passing cop car is targeted – whether intentionally or not.

There is indeed a bottle flipping sport in the South Bronx run behind the scenes by the Mob with heavy betting taking place on both sides. Much money can be won and it is rather lucrative but winning too much – as well as losing and embarrassing your local crime boss – can and will earn you some concrete shoes and thenceforth you will sleep with the fishes!

So I delve into this game. Highly rated and said by one player to be “addictive as f***” one must tap on the screen and hold their thumb there for varying lengths of time to determine the force of the launch. The longer one holds their thumb down on the display the further the bottle will go. How it does not manage to break is beyond me but I do indeed feel relief knowing no one is getting hurt or scratched up. Thank goodness! Those must be some nicely engineered bottles..probably made somewhere in a factory in Japan if I may opine.

The tutorial is pretty funny because it’s not like you’d really need one. It’s so simple and straightforward but perhaps the millennial crowd will need it to figure out what to do next.

I’ve always liked simplicity in graphics in games of this caliber.
All you have to do is launch bottles and neither undershoot nor overshoot your target which happens to be an appliance such as a microwave oven or various furnishings such as tables and cabinets.


If one can land a bottle smack dab in the middle of the target one will earn extra points as “perfect!” will be displayed on the screen as well as some cute sound effects.

The sound makes this game quite addictive. It rises in pitch with each perfect or successful landing. You definitely don’t want to miss or you’ll have to begin again at the beginning.


I must say this is slightly more ad-riddled than I would have preferred but simply ponying up $2 takes away the ads as does airplane mode, a nifty but free way of trying out a game unhindered before deciding to whip out your debit card and buy.

There are different game styles as well such as “Bowling” but it’s incredibly hard to succeed. One must land on the pins and knock them all off the table with one single jump. Now that’s tough! I think I will stick to classic mode, thank you.


There is also a speed mode where you have a very limited time to jump before your table sinks underneath you and you croak. That’s just a recipe for anxiety and made my nerves a bit frazzled!

This game does remind me of Stack Jump in a way. If you have ever played Stack Jump you’ll know what I mean although it’s not as challenging as Bottle Flip. You may want to check out Indie Game Critic’s review of Stack Jump for comparison.

The display is responsive enough to the touch and I do like the feel of it. I personally have it down to a science of simply counting the number of seconds I hold down my thumb based on the distance and I do fairly well. One may tap anywhere on the screen by the way so don’t feel too constrained.

I’m tempted to watch a video to earn 20 extra points but it’s fun enough (and addictive enough) that I don’t feel like waiting for the video to load so I just tap on “retry” and start over.


This is indeed addictive as the dickens. It really gets a hold on you and I believe this to be due to the game physics and sound that encourages you along the way.

Something about tossing a glass bottle and seeing it land right side up on a table without cracking or spewing shrapnel everywhere is quite nice and really makes my day. I don’t think I’d try this with real bottles at home although I am tempted!

This has earned 9/10 and only one star was deducted due to the slightly heavy ad experience. Not bad but it could use less ads.

Please don’t hesitate to install Bottle Flip today. It’s plenty of fun for hours and hours!


– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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