Car vs Cops

Car Vs Cops is a minimalist good guy-bad guy scenario where the point is to outrun law enforcement officers on the chase.

From the developer of Space Frontier, Stick Hero and 2048, Ketchapp helps you get away from the clutches of law enforcement and escape justice with impunity using your iPhone and Android smartphones with Car vs Cops. I’ll be covering this from the iOS side of things but I’m sure it will be similar on Android as well!

Everyone loves cars, especially speeding and racing and getting away with it. Sometimes we subconsciously cheer on the bad guys when they actually outrun the highway patrol and evade all the spike strips! There is a varying amount of lawlessness and anarchism in just about everyone and adrenaline junkies can especially appreciate this feeling.

I grew up in the inner borough and mean streets of the BRONX where nobody knows your name and nobody cares. Sometimes I couldn’t find my way home especially whenever I went in the NOD just a bit on some potent BLACK TAR and woke up in an abandoned warehouse that had no address and no name! I whipped out my cellphone to no avail as the building acted like a faraday cage preventing me from app-mapping my way home.

Later on I got off the drugs, staying clean except for a few mentholated DIPPERS in moderation and put all my passion into classic cars, big engines and racing with my buddies through the needle-ridden alleyways attracting the ire of underpaid law enforcement officers which would switch on their blue lights and sirens, yelling at us over their intercoms to stop. I was the first of my homies to actually GET AWAY and left the cops in the dust! I still think they don’t know how to deploy spike strips in Bronxian alleys. So if you like to race with utter impunity always choose a Bronx alley, a couple of dippers to numb up the steering wheel (and block the effects of being tased if you get caught) and put the pedal to the floor. Don’t look back! UHHH!

Let’s get right into this game that encourages crime and impunity!

It’s another splash screen that promises exciting gameplay despite the minimalism.

You are the driver of a hot rod red car that is obviously traveling well beyond any posted speed limits and going all over the place like a maniac on meth with no roads to be seen. This looks like loads of fun! I suspect the Fraternal Order of Police has either boycotted or banned the use of this game by their members to encourage law-abiding behavior and the needle pegged at a measly 55mph.

Your mission is to escape but you can’t just drive in a straight line and, no, you don’t have any weapons so you’ll be rear-ended or destroyed unless you do some loops here and there to cause various police cars to wreck into each other and rack up the points!

When you successfully perform loops you’ll see a blue circle appear around your car and thus receive a turbo speed boost for a few seconds which is all you need to get away.

As you can see here the graphics are adequate with a trail of fire and smoke bellowing out the back of my car as I was hit from behind at least once. Try not to take too many hits or you’ll end up in the county lockup with a cell mate named Bubba!

I really enjoy seeing the variety of colors and how the grid is gently lit by my car and that’s probably because it’s almost engulfed in flames.

Sound effects are stellar as the sounds of the cop sirens are very realistic and so are the radio calls they make while chasing you. An instrumental song that reminds me of the 1980s encourages a sense of nonchalance as it plays in the background and it keeps the adrenaline pumping to the maximum which is rather necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of getting away!

You know you are a real bad boy when they bring out the big police truck or paddy wagon. No problem though. Just whip your car around in circles and do so in an unpredictable fashion to fool law enforcement and cause them to collide with one another. Bwahaha!

Game controls involve either using one thumb or both. If you choose to use one thumb mode you can do a lot more by moving your thumb in circles on your display and I always love and prefer one handed operation. If you enable the two thumb option all you can do is tap each thumb to steer the car left or right depending on its position on your display but making loops is just too cumbersome in two thumb mode (at least for me it is). However, Ketchapp is known for making very challenging and tough games and some people can master this.

The downside is the ads. Unless you pay or enable the airplane mode trick, every now and then you’ll be served up full screen ads during gameplay and this can cause you to lose. Not cool.

I really implore Ketchapp to release an update soon to temper down the ads and make them a little less intrusive. After all, no one wants their game spoiled because of an ad being displayed. This is such a great game that could do a lot better without excessive ads.

Well, I must say I do LOVE this game and it is highly addictive. I just run it in airplane mode and the experience is totally awesome. I could play this for hours.

Graphics are adequate and I truly appreciate the minimalist approach taken here. The ability to share high scores with social media is also present and many folks feel that’s essential although for me I never share my scores with anyone, maybe because I’m not all that good.

The sounds of the police chasing you and talking on their radios is very realistic and the music gives you a sense of purpose and keeps you going.

I rate this 9/10. This is another masterpiece by Ketchapp. They just need to tone down the ads a bit with an update.

Outrun the cops and enjoy the thrill of getting away with crime by installing Car vs Cops today!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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