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From the developer of Dunk Shot, Splash and Don’t Fall, Ketchapp delivers mind numbingly high speed 3D racing to the iPhone and Android smartphone with Catch Up. I’ll be covering this from the iOS side of things but I’m sure it will be similar on Android as well so enjoy!

Again we have another minimalist approach to modern gaming by Ketchapp which is also very complex and challenging. From what I’ve seen so far the vast majority of their games are highly rated in both the App Store and Google Play, usually averaging 4.5 or more out of five stars.

In Catch Up one must guide what looks like a bowling ball at mind numbingly high speeds through a maze picking up green diamonds and jumping over moving obstacles.

For the struggling Bronx mind living it up on the mean streets this game will be quite challenging and tough..tough as coffin nails! It can be seen as a form of symbolism in which the bowling ball represents the criminal element trying desperately to escape something or someone, which in the setting of the Bronx would likely be fleeing from law enforcement narcotics officers down an alleyway while stealing precious gems along the way, jumping over walls in a futile effort to get away and not have to be yet again locked up behind bars!

The Bronx is a place where life itself is lived on the very edge and in the fast lane to boot! You must always use an alias in case somebody squeals and you always need an escape route to maintain your illicit lifestyle of total impunity. For those with a conscience and not yet fully sociopathic, a little black tar heroin must be used to suppress any empathy or remorse that could be felt during various snatch thefts, pickpocketing and liquor store robberies. Drive-by shootings require a heavy dose of dippers (PCP) to numb the conscience and obliterate any remaining empathy even more and also induce a powerful form of anterograde amnesia to foil future police investigations and polygraphs.

Now we shall delve into the game which looks rather promising. Who doesn’t, after all, love a racing game full of obstacles and precious gems? I know I do! Let’s give this a whirl and come up with the Indie Game Critic verdict.

A tutorial appears, clearly showing you that you simply need to slide your finger or thumb from side to side to control the direction of the ball. There’s no swiping up or down or tapping. You simply keep your thumb or index finger on your display at all times moving it to the left or right to guide your ball.

When you see a red target always go towards it as it will make you jump over the wall. Without it you will hit the wall and perish.

There’s also a night mode which is pretty awesome and much easier on the eyes. That said the graphics are absolutely stellar and somewhat psychedelic for as simple as they are. Different sizes and shadings of distant buildings provide those eye-popping 3D graphical effects you expect and so desire. Colors are mostly pastel but that’s fine and it keeps gameplay exciting, engaging and enjoyable.

Sound effects are quite awesome with a variety of sounds being heard at almost all times. A techno song with a fast-paced beat plays throughout the game, beckoning you to continue and pumping you up with adrenaline, adding to the action factor. It really is quite epic!

I would like to somehow acquire this song and play it on my home stereo or in my car so I can enjoy it at anytime.

Game controls are very, very precise. In fact, I was using the edge of my thumb, including part of my thumb’s fingernail to move the ball and experienced no hiccups in the graphics or ability to control the ball. It was effortless to control the ball and thankfully there were no glitches whatsoever.

There is a leaderboard with scores ranging from 2,500 points to a high of 5,000 points. It’s interesting how they are able to play that long as that would likely take hours upon hours and require a massive amount of skill and top notch reaction time.

I suspect they are professional gamers who have discovered a pattern as with the old arcade games. I remember if one could memorize the pattern one could go on for hours upon hours and attract quite a crowd who would be stunned as to how you managed to do it.

Ads are not intrusive and if one wants to disable them one may pony up the cash or switch on airplane mode.

One may also share their scores on Facebook and other social media as well.

Well, I must say Ketchapp really delivers the very best here yet again. It’s tough but not impossibly so and there is a rather addictive element to the gameplay overall.

Sound, music, graphics and highly responsive controls all come together to make one hell of a fast-paced epic 3D racing game.

A lack of intrusive ads and addition of social media connectivity are bonuses as well.

This gets a perfect score of 10/10. I would rate it even higher if I could. This will stay on my phone and is an excellent way to spend your free time, especially when alone or in heavy traffic.

Install Catch Up today and you won’t regret it!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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