From the developer of Catch Up, Dunk Shot and Space Frontier, Ketchapp brings us frustratingly difficult gameplay cloaked in super minimalism on iPhone and the Android smartphone with Circle. I’ll be covering this from the iOS side of things but I’m sure it will be similar on Android as well so be patient and try not to hurl your phone against the wall!

Ketchapp brings us another game of stunning complexity with minimalist design yet again. This is their specialty after all and millions of people seem to absolutely love this particular one. I must say it is not for the impatient or those with only one phone for they may end up hurling it against the wall in utter frustration after playing Circle.

It is tough as nails but at first glance at the screenshots it does not appear so. This is how these simple looking games deceive the gamer. They are so minimalist and this gives many a false sense of confidence. Well, get ready for one hell of a ride with Circle. Ouch. I mean OUCH! Difficulty on an epic scale rarely seen in other games. This reminds me of “2 Cars” in terms of complexity.

This may make the Bronx thuggian whip out their switchblade or GLOCK in anger and cut up their smartphone or put a cap in its ass! I don’t think Corning Gorilla Glass works like Kevlar does so suffice it to say if you do take aim at your phone it will be blown to bits by any caliber of bullet.

Some of my homies will feel so frustrated they may light up and deeply inhale many more DIPPERS than they ordinarily would otherwise and thus overdose. In fact, I suspect this game may be responsible for an uptick in black tar heroin abuse in my HOOD. It’s the only thing that will take the edge off after all. Nearly impossible games that kill you off within 5 seconds are going to crank up the addictive voice within many a dope user in the BRONX. I warned you in advance and by the way, all my friends are dead because of heroin and they never contacted me again. I guess there ain’t no LTE in dope heaven! Once you go there, that’s a one way ticket, buddy!

So let’s dive right into this damn frustrating game lol. Man, I have warned you already. This is purposefully designed to just piss you off. You have been forewarned haha.

You must tap anywhere on the screen to begin gameplay and start the ring moving. The purpose of the game is to keep the ring from touching any part of the wire. You must continually tap at a varying pace to make the ring jump up but don’t jump too high and conversely don’t let it fall too far down or you are dead. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch!

You will find this will happen quite frequently as seen in the screenshot below.

Apart from continually jumping at precise intervals one must also collect diamonds. Ketchapp likes to use diamonds as a reward from what I’ve seen in my many previous reviews of their games. Everyone loves diamonds and as it is said, “diamonds are forever”.

Graphics are very basic and that’s all that’s needed to get the very basic point across. Try to think of that line as a live electrical wire. If you dare touch it you will turn red just like someone who unfortunately became electrocuted through some mishap.

At some point I felt if I timed the tapping just right there would be the right pattern that would keep me going without touching the wire. This game just scares me though for some odd reason. It actually feels emotionally painful and mildly traumatizing to touch that wire and then be fried to death. Shit. I mean, this sucks ass.

Taking a look at the leaderboard, I see half a dozen gamers who racked up 2,000 points. My question is how they did it? Did they figure out the right tempo needed to tap the ring as in there is some sort of pattern they discovered? Even so, how would one play this for hours and hours without a break? Don’t they eat or use the bathroom? Do they keep their phone plugged in the entire time (which is probably all day)?

Sound effects are alright. There’s nothing spectacular here to write about in that department. Unfortunately there’s no music as I feel that would help me play better. I often find music to be a cognitive enhancer when it comes to gaming on my mobile phone.

Sensitivity of the display to touch is very well implemented and is the strong point here. I could not fault the game for my failure to get anything beyond a measly 17 points. It responds accurately and timely to each touch without any delay even on my old iPhone 5s.

There are quite a few ads though and this adds to the general tense and annoyed feeling you’ll cultivate within yourself after having played this half a dozen times. Switch on airplane mode…I highly recommend it.

Well, one word sums up this experience and that is “frustration”. It indeed looks a lot more simple than it really is. Ketchapp is quite clever with the way they make games and this is no exception. This reminds me of the difficulty I encountered with their infamous “2 Cars” game.

Graphics and sound are mediocre. Definitely not bad or but not outstanding. Ads are a bit on the heavy side. Game controls are very well implemented and that is somewhat of a saving grace.

I think if you keep trying and find the pattern or keep calm enough you’ll be able to really rack up some points. I just hope you don’t end up throwing your phone in utter frustration.

Because of the insane difficulty and mediocre graphics and sound effects I give this 4/10. I mean, c’mon, difficult is alright but this is damn near impossible haha.

If you think you can beat my score go ahead and install Circle today but don’t come back and blame me later. 🙂

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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