Crazy Taxi City Rush


From the developer of Altered Beast, Sonic Dash and Golden Axe, SEGA brings some insane taxi driving action to the mobile with Crazy Taxi City Rush.

Taxis are a fading business, being replaced by Uber and Lyft at a rapid pace. No one wants to pay exorbitant rates anymore or be held hostage to a monopoly. Having said that, in the BRONX, we used to get rides for free by CARJACKING the taxis at gunpoint. Little did they know we couldn’t afford real handguns and only used toy air pistols instead, spray painted black with cheap glossy Bronx spray paint for a realistic but intimidating look and feel.

Taxi drivers would have no choice but to shut off the meter and follow our every whim! We even drugged the drivers on a few occasions with DIPPERS. Riding in a taxi with the driver on PCP was a very unique but nuanced experience and can’t be replicated by any other substance! He would complain that the steering wheel felt numb and his reaction time was shot to hell but we’d wave our pistols at him and force him to carry on or smoke more dippers. When he’d finally go on the nod or escape from the car and insanely run down the street buck naked we’d take the taxi to a CHOP SHOP to sell off the parts in exchange for HEROIN and wholesale malt LIKKA!

Now onto the game! Knowing this is from Sega, it’s gonna be good. They are known for producing the best and most epic game titles on the market. The splash screen even has a Facebook button on it. Everyone these days loves to share their scores or play against their Facebook friends.

I go into the settings and notice several options, some of which customise the controls or change the volume and sound effects. There’s even a gift code although I’m not sure what that’s about.


So I’m Vincent Cruz and I dislike walking to work. I’m surprisingly skinny despite my dislike of exercise. I also look high as a kite. Could be dippers or maybe a joint laced with crack. I have one hell of a smile on my face..that’s for sure!


A tutorial pops up to help you with gameplay. It’s very easy to figure out but I recommend keeping it simple for now and select “Auto Turn” until you get the hang of it.


We will be travelling at high speeds so be prepared to make several sudden lane changes. Swipe quickly with your thumb or finger quickly to the left in this case to change lanes.


Be sure to follow the green arrow because that’s where you’ll pick up your next customer. Be sure to go fast too because time will run out otherwise!


You can quickly swipe to the left to turn at this intersection. Don’t worry if you hit cars as it won’t kill you or stop you but it will slow you down. Seconds are precious and you need to pick up your customer on time.


When you see the customer, tap on the screen repeatedly when prompted to slam on the brakes and come to a halt. The graphics are pretty cool don’t you think?


Now that you’ve picked up the customer you need to take him to his destination as soon as possible. The clock is ticking so step on the gas pedal and get going!


Look for the boost button in green at the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap it to blast straight through traffic at turbo speeds. Don’t worry, you won’t die. The other cars will be blown away as if you are a tank haha.


Here’s another customer who apparently hates his life and his money. He also hates his suit. Who in the world hates money? Maybe he enjoys paying taxes and is a glutton for punishment.


Here we go barrelling down the road at 75mph and I’m just about to hit the boost button to get to my destination even quicker.


I completed the level and must upgrade my car. It isn’t free but luckily I have enough cash to pay up. I’ll need this car for faster performance as levels get harder with more demanding customers and less time on the clock.


I’m just about to drop this guy off with my upgraded taxi. I really like the graphics which are full of vibrant colour. Sega has done a great job here!


Here is where I dropped him off. I’ve already racked up nearly $600. Not bad for a beginner.


I just received a hefty bonus and now have almost $1200. You make money not only from the customers you pick up and drop off but also by collecting coins along the way and performing a few stunts. The more crazy your driving the more money you’ll make as well.


There’s the map of the city. A Facebook icon hovers over part of it in case you want to connect to it and share your scores.


Oh the irony! Lyft’s Southeast Asia affiliate, Grab, serves up an ad. Taxi drivers definitely don’t like Uber, Lyft or Grab. Then again I suspect many taxi drivers have probably left their jobs to become Uber drivers and make more money!


This was what I expected from Sega. Excellent graphics, sound effects and ease of controls makes this game ever enjoyable and addictive.

3D effects are quite stunning and it surprisingly looks great in portrait mode.

Ads are rarely served up and never occur during gameplay which is nice.

Options to connect with Facebook are there as well.

I give this a rating of 10/10. Sega definitely doesn’t disappoint and gives taxi driving a whole new meaning.

Download Crazy Taxi City Rush today and be a professional driver in no time!


– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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