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From the developer of Criminal Case: Pacific Bay and Criminal Case: Save The World!, Pretty Simple helps us become a crime scene investigator on our smartphones with Criminal Case.

Crime scene investigation or CSI is the bane of every gangsta in the boroughs of New York City, especially in the Bronx! It relies on DNA, latent fingerprints and other high tech methods that regularly bamboozle and send shivers up the spines of nearly all Bronx residents (if not straight to the penitentiary without chance for parole or conjugal visits!) with the exception of the mafia in the South Bronx who have successfully greased the palms of local politicians and city councils so they can continue to operate with utter impunity.

Ruffians would find ways in the past to throw off the cops and forensic experts by planting cheap black tar heroin or dippers of 10% purity at the scene to make it appear that low class GANGSTAS had perpetrated the act. Although this worked reliably well in the ‘80s and resulted in the arrest of dozens of Queens hooligans who were subsequently wrongly convicted and served life terms, when DNA technology finally made its way into the HOOD in 2009 things changed and the old techniques rapidly turned SOWAH.
No one wanted their hands directly on the scene so drive-by shootings skyrocketed in demand to take out intruders on our TURF.

Anyway, enough about the Bronx and onto the game!

You must investigate and analyze crime scenes, gathering evidence from autopsies, murder weapons and suspects and later arrest them. It’s exciting so I’ll try my hand at some CSI work!

In this case you must investigate the murder of a young woman by inspecting the crime scene. A tutorial tells you to tap the screen to continue so you can get to work and show off your CSI skills.


A colorful screen appears full of various items, some of which you’ll need to collect for use as evidence. The items are listed below at the bottom of the screen such as “newspaper”, “car” and “tricycle”. A green button in the lower right corner will give you free tips although if you want more points you should avoid using them as much as possible and also do your job thoroughly but quickly as time counts against you. You definitely can’t waste time so the murderer can’t get away.


Pinch to zoom in or out to see the entire scene or get up close and personal. Do you see that bullet-riddled car door? It’s a familiar sight in my HOOD!


You must find the three remaining items and these are conveniently listed at the bottom of the screen. You just need to be quick with your eyes and scour the scene until you find the knife, car and of course the body! Having the body is of utmost importance in any homicide investigation.


I tapped on the dead body and was told this is a clue. Duh! Of course it is. Be sure to grab the knife and car too. All you need to grab these items is to simply tap on the screen where you see it. It’s effortless.


I tapped on the knife and see it’s bloody. Well, that tells me she was likely stabbed to death so that’s the murder weapon. Now that we have the murder weapon and body we can go to the coroner for an autopsy and also examine the knife for DNA and fingerprints.


The coroner examined the body through autopsy and noted that the killer is definitely right-handed and slit her throat. This is a particularly gruesome crime and the perpetrator must be swiftly brought to justice.


Now you have built a basic profile of the killer. Unfortunately, many people are right-handed so we need much more meaningful evidence.


The police chief informs you that a witness reported the killer was wearing a blue cap. You’ll be issued a search warrant by the chief and be on your way to the house to look for even more clues!


Now you’re headed full speed to the crime scene with your search warrant having been authorized.


After gathering more items from the house you will be able to get an arrest warrant and interrogate the suspects. This guy has a blue cap and he’s also right-handed. Not only that but his baseball jersey matches that found at the house! I bet he’s the perpetrator!


I arrest him and am awarded a bronze medal from the police chief for catching the right guy.


He’s definitely behind bars by now and will likely never see the light of day again. For your diligent efforts you are awarded lots of points and a silver star for experience.


I had read the reviews before downloading this and many said this is a highly addictive game that they just can’t put down. I am in total agreement.

This game is very well implemented with colorful, clear graphics, and crisp sound effects. It is also easy enough to maneuver around by pinching to zoom in or out.

I noticed a definite lack of ads. There indeed could be ads but I never saw one despite playing two crime scenes (levels). Unfortunately you will have to pay if you want a quick autopsy or if you don’t want to wait to advance to the next crime scene. There is a 25 minute wait on the autopsy in free mode, for example. Well, there are ways around that such as watching some video advertisements if you so desire or ponying up the cash.

This gets 10/10 stars from me for being such an incredible game. I feel I’ve learned more about the crime scene investigative process, warrants and more. Hone your law enforcement skills with Criminal Case today!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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