Dictator: Outbreak


Dictatorial powers have been unleashed upon the smartphone with Tigrido’s strategy game named Dictator: Outbreak.

A lot of people think the days of dictators and unchecked power pretty much ended as the Cold War wound down and fizzled out in the early ‘90s but in the inner cities and Bronxian boroughs of the United States the shit (and associated impunity) was just getting started with the rise of drive-by gang warfare using their ubiquitous ‘60s low riders!

Gangstas would prepare for WAR by donning a HOODIE and ski mask and then ever so slowly dip and twist their Newport Lights into a vial of an UNSUPPORTED but opaque concoction of carb spray cleaner, Dawn dish soap, anhydrous ammonia and impure PCP. A long, slow inhale would give them a rush rivaling all other contraband along with a few twitches and possibly a convulsion or two followed by a superhuman afterglow devoid of all empathy.

It was an assassin’s cocktail for sure but also highly toxic. Nevertheless, those under the influence of this obscure narcotic exerted unparalleled control over the Bronx for approximately 15 minutes as their self-driving ‘64 Chevy Impala low rider – rigged with automatic weapons – cut down rival gangs as they carried out vengeance upon anyone stepping on their turf.
When the effects wore off, no one remembered anything so cops couldn’t obtain any confessions and polygraphs were useless!

Every borough of New York has this kind of homie running the show and they just call him the “dictator”, albeit inspired by dope and dollars instead of the likes of Joseph Stalin.

Meetings are regularly held behind a false wall in the back of Kansas Chicken only 500 feet from the community methadone clinic with members of police unions on the take and rogue DNC lobbyists in attendance. Bronx politics of the highest order took place here over a case of 40 ounce malt liquor rivaling only that of Chicago and Detroit!

Enough about my neighborhood, it’s depressing shit! UHHH. Even my friends out west died from the effects of Chicago politics and high sales taxes too. All my friends are dead, don’t ya know? Just stay away from the Bronx because they ain’t good people there. UHHH.

Now onto the game. It looks really exciting. Everyone would love to try their hand at being a dictator, at least in the virtual world right?

I ventured into the settings and it appears that the developer could be from Russia as only two languages are supported: Russian and English. Options to toggle music, sound effects and graphics to different settings are displayed.


I’m given a briefing about who I am and what is my purpose and it’s pretty clear that I’m supposed to ruin the hopes and dreams of the people living on a democratic island nation in the Indian Ocean. I must stay in power as long as possible. Sounds good to me! Let’s go for it.


The first thing you want to do is tap on the oil field symbol to start up your oil industry. After a few turns you’ll begin raking in some oil revenues!


There are six groups of people you can consult with such as the police, army, oligarchs, your family, the opposition and the people. Remember, if you make one group too powerful they will give you money but they will also gain too much influence and overthrow you in a coup. Conversely, not giving into their whims at least a little will result in them going on a mutiny or rebellion. The trick is to balance all six groups as much as possible against each other. Divide and conquer!


First I go to the police since they have lots of power and protect me. Every dictator wants the cops on his side, naturally.


The cops want me to buy the minister of propaganda’s wife a new limo. Imagine that. That’s some serious corruption but you are a dictator after all. Maybe you’re a communist? I tend to think so..just look at that red fist in the upper corner of the screen haha.


Beware of when any group is highlighted in red. This happens to be the people in this case and I can bet they aren’t too happy given my dictatorial ways and kowtowing to the popo!


Sometimes if you allow a group to remain in the red zone too long they will forge a conspiracy against you. In this case the opposition has enlisted a group of militant environmentalists to plot a coup against you. You can lock them up or give in to their demands. Sometimes locking them up works but it can also result in a full blown revolution resulting in your demise. Choose your options carefully!


A series of Xs denotes how much support you have from various groups. Never let any group have three Xs or less of support for you or things will turn sour in short order.


Whoops! This is what happens when you let any group or groups lose their support for you. When this happens it is game over for you, comrade!


Yet other times, despite strong support from all sectors of society, an epidemic may break out and this will put a serious drain on the nation’s finances and also lower support for your regime.


When you are doing well financially a neighboring country or separatists funded by them may get jealous due to some sort of entitlement mentality and decide to invade you for your cash reserves!


You can check and review your legacy after you are deposed and believe me, that is a matter of not only if but when. It says I didn’t allow students to get drunk during exams, declared defrauded investors to be outlaws (lol) and supported the closure of rural libraries. It says I had 16 moves which is equivalent to 16 months in power.


This game is moderately heavy on the ads and shows two ads back to back but it’s not so bad because this game is so fun and addictive!


Well, well.. this was indeed a LOT of fun and indeed highly addictive. You’ll find yourself immersed in the experience, especially with the cool graphics and nice music playing in the background which changes according to the current mood and situation.

One may unlock the game by paying in order to remove ads and get many more options.

Options to connect with Facebook are also available if you would like to share your high scores with your Facebook friends.

I give this a solid 10/10 rating as this lived up to all my expectations and never bored me. This game will stay on my phone which indeed says a lot as I review hundreds of games.

Install Dictator: Outbreak today and experience the ultimate in impunity!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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