Don’t Fall

From the developer of Twist, Splash and Space Frontier, Ketchapp tests your swiping skills to the extreme on iPhone and the Android smartphone with Don’t Fall. I’ll be covering this from the iOS side of things but I’m sure it will be similar on Android as well so enjoy!

Ketchapp is well known for their minimalism which lures many a gamer in only to have their egos shattered when faced with unexpected, stunning complexity.

You have to be extraordinarily quick on your feet – or in this case with your fingers – to succeed in any of their games. They are notoriously difficult yet very popular in the App Store and on Google Play with an element of addiction thrown in.

Some seem to master the art of complexity with insanely high scores on the leaderboard that will bamboozle the novice, making them ask questions about how a gamer could sit and hold their phone for the greater part of a day without a break. I feel Ketchapp’s collection of games are clearly designed with the professional gamer in mind or at least to test your gaming abilities to the maximum.

When things are rough like these games are you can feel edgy or even come unhinged and a 40oz or a small shot of black tar heroin under the skin are sure to come to the rescue for gamers languishing on the mean streets of the Bronx. They will put you back on a more even keel although the impact on gaming reaction time is sure to suffer, although the drugged gamer probably couldn’t care less at that point. They’ll play about 15 minutes and then drop the phone while going on the NOD and wake up to see their phone’s battery completely drained along with the screen being littered with fingerprints and cigarette butts.

The more hardened Bronx-driven gamers resort to a mixture of ketamine surreptitiously procured from animal shelters and powdered cocaine to give them the stimulant edge they need to speed up their swipes and ketamine to dampen the anxiety. Some Bronxian ruffians unfortunately fall into the infamous K-Hole though and forget the entire experience. A few have tried mentholated dippers but as they couldn’t feel their phone they didn’t know how to swipe or tap their displays and ended up with no score whatsoever. They didn’t even know what a phone was as they lost all reasoning abilities, got up, took off all their clothes and ran down the middle of the street buck naked or ended up cannibalizing their roommates. It was a nightmare. I gotta tell ya that recreational street drugs and smartphone gaming do not mix! All my friends are dead cuz of DOPE. UHHH!

Let’s delve into this game which takes swiping to a whole new level!

The purpose of Don’t Fall is to make sure the white ball doesn’t fall off the track by swiping any stray blocks to make them slide back into place. Be aware that this moves at nearly break-neck speed and is quite challenging, especially to the novice!

One must also collect diamonds along the path but that doesn’t require any effort as the ball will roll right over them, collecting them automatically and helping you to rack up your score.

The path will change color as you advance and it’s pretty cool. The graphics are minimalist but yet have a 3D feel and the vibrant color is nice. I have to wonder how much fun this would be if it was actually in true 3D! I bet it would be even more challenging and fantastic as well.

The display is very responsive as each swipe slides the bricks back into place smoothly and seamlessly.
It’s always nice to have a very responsive, sensitive screen as not all games are so well coded as this one happens to be.

Sound effects are very nice and well-implemented. There is an elegance about the way it sounds when you pick up diamonds and slide the bricks. DING!

I just love that sound and not only that but an instrumental and futuristic song begins to play and it has a catchy beat that drives you to keep going. It is upbeat and makes one feel positive and capable of going on and on. The music also adds a rather addictive element to gameplay as well, because even though I couldn’t seem to score better than 26 points I kept wanting to replay the game again and again.

One can also share their high scores on social media such as Facebook for example. I’m not sure if my Facebook friends would enjoy seeing my scores clutter up their news feed but if your friends are largely gamers they will understand and probably want to download this game to challenge you. Who knows?

The leaderboard revealed the true addictive nature of Don’t Fall with many high scoring players netting a whopping 1,000 points. That’s hard to imagine as I like to think I’m pretty good at gaming but can’t even score 5 percent of that.

That said, I think there are hard core gamers – and there appear to be millions of them for this game alone – that have mastered the fine art of swiping on their phone. I wish I could do that well! I figure it would take hours to reach just 200 points, much less 1,000! It’s incredible!

Ads are not intrusive and only appear after you lose but you can pay to have them disabled or simply switch on airplane mode. Airplane mode works for most games when you either don’t want to pony up the cash to pay for it, don’t have enough or simply don’t trust the developer. I think you can trust Ketchapp as they have been around a while and have a large collection of games in their portfolio.

I give this a 10/10 rating. Perfect. Swiping is so responsive and combine that with the vibrant colors, elegant sound effects and awesome music and we have a winner here.

Don’t hesitate to install Don’t Fall today!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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