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From the developer of Tennis Bits, Catch The Ark and Icy Ropes, PlaySide Studios delivers the art of drifting to the mobile with Drift It!

Drifting..we all have heard of it by now. A bunch of guys in the scorching deserts of the Middle East with their sports cars sliding on roads full of sand. I can’t quite relate to it but it has taken the world by storm now and is very popular.

In the Bronx our idea of drifting relates proportionately to how much BLACK TAR we’ve smacked up our veins with the resultant drifting in and out of consciousness..also known as going on the NOD! All my friends are dead cuz they went on the nod too long and drifted into heroin heaven! It may be a good place to be for the dearly departed but I bet there ain’t no 3G over there, no WIC and nobody knows ya name and nobody cares!

So, if you try coming into my neighbourhood and try mentioning drifting you will get a lot of blank stares and incoherent replies. You might score some smack but you also might get locked up like a monkey in a cage and fed BANANAS laced with angel dust!

If you even dare to bring your car here and actually try to drift – especially near the Bronx Zoo or Kansas Chicken – you won’t get very far and will soon be surrounded by an angry mob who will demand all your food stamps or else your car will be put on blocks with you in it and stripped down to the frame and parted off to a CHOP SHOP.

Now onto the game. The splash screen shows off a canary yellow 1980s era sports car..clearly it’s a classic car and I like those so already I’m in a good mood and ready to get a driftin’!

I went into the settings and it was rather spartan with only a mute button and the ability to change languages. Unfortunately there’s no options for Facebook connectivity.


The first car I am offered is a basic one but at least it has dual exhaust. Various parameters can be adjusted or customised but only if you have the points or pony up the cash. I decided to stick with the stock car for now.


The only thing you must be aware of is that you have to tap and hold your finger or thumb on the screen each time you see the yellow coloured portion of pavement. This will make you drift.

Do not tap on the screen before reaching the yellow coloured area or you will drift too early and crash and conversely don’t hold your finger on the screen too long or you’ll drift too far and leave the yellow zone and also meet an early demise.

You will get more points for being more precise so try to tap exactly when you reach the yellow zone and don’t let go until right when you are about to leave it. That will give you extra points and rewards such as “perfect!” and “epic!” that will appear on the screen as encouragement.


Multiple areas of pavement will be coloured yellow and if you have quick enough reaction time you can make perfect drifts and really rack up the points!


You will earn experience points depending upon how good you are. You must be quick on your feet and react quickly. It is quite challenging but also somewhat addictive too!


Here’s my car in action. It’s lots of fun and I was very precise with my screen tapping.


With good experience points you will be able to upgrade to a better car which is probably better than the stock car which seems to have not the best suspension and sorta rides like a horsewagon!


There’s plenty of opportunities to upgrade your car. Just do well in gameplay and you’ll be offered the chance many times.


If you reach level 7 you will be able to take advantage of multiplayer mode although I personally couldn’t get it to work but that could be because the cellphone signal isn’t very good where I live.


A clock is ticking during gameplay and you can earn extra time by watching some ads. In this case I get ten extra seconds for doing so.


An ad for Golf Clash appeared. I’ve never really liked golf so I didn’t download the game but maybe you might like it!


For a small fee of about $4.50 you can upgrade to a better car with golden rims and no more ads. That’s not a bad deal really.


Here I am after having successfully drifted over each yellow drifting zone and launched into the air only to land down again on the other side. Surprisingly the suspension can handle the landing without any apparent damage.


I’m airborne! Weeeee….


I was doing better and better so I started getting completion bonuses. The points really start racking up!


I ended up with a pretty high score on level 12. As you can see I’ve played for quite a while and found it enjoyable and addictive.


Well, the graphics and sound are very basic and rudimentary but you’ll soon forget about that and be focused entirely on drifting. All you have to do to drift is to tap and hold your finger on the screen as soon as you encounter yellow coloured pavement. It’s as simple as that.

There are not too many ads which is nice and you receive encouragement and positive feedback with words such as “perfect!” and “epic!” which is nice.

You don’t need to spend real money in order to have a better car or upgrade your existing one.

I give this a rating of 10/10 for being original and for it being so enjoyable and somewhat addictive.

Don’t hesitate to install this game and show off your drifting skills to your friends. Get Drift It! today!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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