From the developer of Fire Up!, Rolly Vortex and Stack Jump, Voodoo brings the joy of bouncing balls off sand dunes directly to the mobile with Dune.

This game makes me think of snowballs because it looks like nothing other than a snowball somehow being impervious to the weather in the desert! We never had snowballs in the Bronx due to localised global warming caused by all the burning dippers and hot crack pipes jacking up the temperatures!

We were so poor and had nothing in the way of anything except digging up the vacant lot with our track-marked hands to make mud balls and hone our skills at hitting passing cars, especially those of rival gangs or ruffians invading our turf!

Wham! I heard a loud ass sound as I landed a mud ball right on the driver side door of a passing Ford Explorer. Before I knew it a big Italian guy had me cornered but for some odd reason he didn’t kill me or break any of my bones. He just said, “yeah, I used to do that shit when I was your age. Next time you may not be so lucky. Just sayin’!”

So I figured this guy could have kicked my ass but instead cut me some slack. There was some sort of mutual respect between us because he used to do it as a youngster too!

I respected his response and gave up chucking mud balls at passing cars, especially against Ford Explorers.

Now onto the game!

First and foremost there’s no sound and that’s despite downloading a game update! Not cool! Why not have sound? Perhaps snowballs in the desert make no sound because they simply cannot possibly exist! They at least can’t exist for long.. maybe 2 minutes and it’ll all become slush and water. Uhh!

Anyway, there is a tutorial which is very straightforward. Tap and hold on the screen to make the ball speed up on land and release it when you would like it to launch.

Tap the screen again and hold it to make it dive.


I checked out the options to see why I had no sound. I see what looks like either sound or vibrate but neither setting gave me any sound. There is another option that looks like some sort of padlock but I have no clue what it is for and haven’t figured it out yet!


First of all you must select the first level which looks like a white snowball. When you accumulate more points you can go on to higher levels.


A very dark side to this game is the enormous number of ads. I guess people don’t mind it because it has a very high rating in the App Store.

I learned a trick from one review which said to play it in airplane mode and that eventually prevented the ads from being foisted upon my iPhone at every turn!


As you see, these ads were served up each time your ball crashed into a sand dune, with an option to continue by watching a video. Even if you don’t want to watch the video you are played a video anyway! Ridiculous.

So yeah, use airplane mode all the time unless you don’t mind forking over $4 which isn’t asking too much but how many people want to pay for such a simple game? It is a lot of fun but not worth paying anything more than 99 cents to make it ad-free.


The ball having been successfully launched begins to fly throughout the skies, eventually coming down due to the forces of gravity but you can bring it down sooner by tapping and holding on the screen.

Make sure to hit the dunes on the back side or downward slopes to avoid crashing. This will also enable you to go even higher and further.


I managed to turn into a fireball, apparently feeling the friction of the atmosphere as I went at high speed, nearing outer space! This does feel satisfying and addictive.


I crashed and am offered a second chance but it means watching a video. You may or may not want to watch a video. It’s up to you though!


This time I brought the ball down at the correct angle and launched it again off the dunes!


..And it rewarded me with a saying of “to the moon!” whilst tripling my score!


I wanted to play this again and again, especially after having enabled airplane mode to block the stupid ads! Haha.


Well, the graphics are simple but good enough for the simplicity of it all. It’s just a snowball in the desert or a large crack rock.

No sound and too many ads are the downside.  Who makes a game without sound?  Trust me, I tried everything including switching on and off my ringer switch and adjusting volume up and down, including force closing it and also updating the game. Nothing I did would enable sound. Oh well.  What a pity.

Ads can be disabled for the most part by enabling airplane mode and I highly recommend doing this unless you don’t mind paying $4 or $5 to remove them officially.

Game physics is just right as the effects of gravity and momentum are well-approximated.

Being quite addictive this gets 8/10 stars, having deducted a star for the excessive ads and lack of sound.

Try going to the moon today and install Dune now!


– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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