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From the developer of Rush, Splash and Don’t Fall, Ketchapp delivers the sport of basketball on a whole new level to the iPhone and Android smartphone with Dunk Shot. I’ll be covering this from the iOS side of things but I’m sure it will be similar on Android as well so enjoy!

It’s quite possible that Ketchapp has scored a slam dunk with their take on virtual basketball. Based on a survey of my fellow gangsters in the Bronx, my homies say this is an accurate portrayal of the art of shooting hoops!

Basketball is hands down THE major pastime in the various boroughs of the concrete jungle known as Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. I don’t include Manhattan as the only pastime they know is drinking champagne while shopping all day and night at Macy’s with their Diner’s Club platinum credit cards!

In the meanest streets of the Bronx we’ve got plenty of basketball courts, many littered with broken shards of glass from 40oz bottles of malt liquor, used high gauge hypodermic needles and the occasional vial of “good water” used for making DIPPERS. This adds more difficulty to the sport and will toughen up even the weakest on our TURF as their scar-ridden legs and Hepatitis C-positive status prove they’ve passed the ultimate milestone and have made it to manhood.

Gangsters are well known to play sudden death basketball tournaments where the loser gets capped in the ass with a GLOCK as the winner is being crowned as the new crime boss of the Bronxian underworld. Some of the more hardened players would thoroughly douse their basketball with kerosene and set it alight just as they took a 3 point shot. This flaming special effect was appreciated by all and even filmed LIVE on an old but stolen Sharp Hi-8 camcorder in 480i resolution until the net caught on FIYAH and was subsequently burned up and this is the reason why 98 percent of the hoops in my HOOD are without nets!

Let’s go straight into this game to see just how awesome and amazing it truly is.

One must pull down just below the basketball with their finger or thumb, although I always prefer my thumb to be honest. I just think it’s a lot more accurate and easy that way as I prefer one handed play.

Pulling down on the basketball one sees a series of golden dots which predicts which way the ball will travel. While holding down on the display and moving the finger from side to side you will see this trajectory change direction, the arc of golden dots bending different ways. This offers precise control over your planned shot and is pretty nifty to have!

Although one need not make a perfect shot, if you do manage to dunk one after another with perfect precision you will hear some pretty cool sound effects in the form of progressively higher tones each time you land the ball in the net.

The basketball will also appear to be on fire with a trail of smoke emanating from it. This is pretty awesome and I never expected it as in the beginning this game appeared to be quite minimalistic.

I always appreciate the unexpected when it comes to graphical effects and Ketchapp really nails it here. Wouldn’t we all love to douse our basketballs in kerosene, set it alight and see it soar through the sky on fire? I think that would be an epic and euphoric, albeit potentially dangerous experience. Don’t try this at home, I warn you.

The sound effects indeed are very rewarding and make me want to keep on playing. I didn’t find it too hard to score perfect shots and hear those wonderful tones. This is great. As you progress the basketball hoop will begin moving, adding more and more challenges.

Toss in awesome graphics such as the flaming basketball and it becomes highly addictive!

The display is also very responsive to the touch and allows you to very accurately fine tune your shot beforehand. This is one of those games made by Ketchapp that isn’t impossibly hard like “2 Cars” for example.

There is also a night mode included which turns the display dark which is easier on the eyes and adds some variety. You may also customize your basketball and the theme as well if you have enough points or can purchase some.

The ads sometimes appear at the beginning of gameplay which totally blows and they are timed. They also appear between rounds and forcefully open your browser, taking it to a website which I did not want to open for fear it might be full of malware.

Although I trust Ketchapp I would rather it open the App Store than a website. Either way, forcing your phone to automatically open anything isn’t cool. Not cool at all.
Hopefully Ketchapp will release an update to address this and tone down the ads a bit.

Well, I must say, I absolutely love this game. The graphics, sound and game controls are excellently implemented. This is highly addictive and I keep coming back for more.

One cannot share their scores on social media such as Facebook but for me I really don’t care about that as much as others will.

Unfortunately, the experience is too heavy on ads which force open a website that I’m not sure I would trust. In the meantime I recommend enabling airplane mode as a workaround until this problem is addressed.

If it wasn’t for the ads this would have earned a perfect score. Thus I assign this 8/10 stars. I really and sincerely hope the developer will release an update to dampen down the ads just a bit.

Try out your hoop shooting skills and show off to friends with flaming basketballs by installing Dunk Shot today!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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