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From the developer of Knife Hit, 2 Cars and Bottle Flip, Ketchapp offers us a digital form of unwinding and de-stressing with Fidget Spinner.

Methamphetamine connoisseurs around the world but especially in my HOOD are either constantly twitching, can’t sit still or are on the prowl to rob pharmacies of their Valium supplies to ensure a smoother comedown. After railing a few too many lines of cheap Bronxified crystal a group of tweakers began rummaging fast and furiously throughout the local automobile junkyard searching for copper wire and various metals from totaled ‘87 Ford Bronco IIs.

Eventually a lot of frenzied hard work using improvised tools came to fruition and paid off with the development of the “Fidget”, a device invented and used by the meth-addled to blow off excess steam and enable an obscure, stimulant-driven form of mindless meditation.

Ruffians who binged on cheap crack had a much more nefarious take on the Fidget, customizing it at a local CHOP SHOP until it took the form of a common but illegal deadly weapon with razor sharp tips also known as the Chinese throwing star.  Users of black tar heroin were also known to use the Fidget to hold up to three of their most favored and prized high-gauge hypodermic needles in a vertical position for quick use on demand.  I’m unsure of what wet head dipper smokers did with their Fidget and it’s best I don’t inquire!

I’ve seen a lot of games in the App Store and have reviewed scores of them but have never seen such a simple game. I have to wonder if this is so much a game as it is some sort of alternative non-drug therapy, detox instrument or time waster to be used after work hours to help unwind. All one must do is simply employ a horizontal swipe of the finger which causes the Fidget to spin. The quicker one swipes, the faster it spins with up to four spins being allowed per turn.

A speedometer appears which informs you of the current number of revolutions per minute and a gold colored meter moves to the right as the Fidget keeps spinning. Eventually it slows down and stops and you collect your points. Then you play it again. Rinse and repeat.

The only goal is to somehow make your Fidget spin long enough so that the golden progress meter at the top of the screen makes it all the way to the right or at least as far as possible. This is very difficult to do so one must experiment with different speeds of swiping and also timing the swipes just right to keep the meter going.

Ads can be removed by paying a modest price of only $1.99.
A leaderboard and connectivity to Facebook to share your scores are there as well.


It is also not necessary to swipe to the right. One may also swipe to the left if one so desires. This may be useful for the left-handed I suppose and that’s quite cool as well.

Graphics are minimalist but quite colorful and vibrant and the spinning of the Fidget is very mesmerizing as the properties of centrifugal force and laws of physics are closely approximated. Already I feel like this game is pulling me in somehow based on the graphics alone. It has a rather addictive feel, no doubt about it.

It has a rather addictive feel, no doubt about it.



Sound effects are more complex than expected with a myriad of pretty awesome, quirky sounds being produced to really give you the feel of your Fidget whirling and spinning around with the sound dynamically changing based upon the speed of it.

The audio really packs a punch and gives you a feeling of true accomplishment when you exceed your previous high score and especially if you manage to spin it long enough to cause the meter to go all the way to the right!


The screen is also quite responsive to the touch and this connects you even more with your virtual Fidget device.

Options to share your score on Facebook along with rewards of extra coins are presented, giving you that instant gratification you so desire. I’m not sure that I’d personally want to share my high Fidget Spinner scores with my Facebook friends as they may put me on mute or even de-friend or block me when it clutters up their news feed.

Who really gives a rat’s behind about someone’s high scores on Facebook anyway? Personally I tired long ago of seeing people constantly brag about their FarmVille, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Bejeweled Blitz scores and so I hid their feed.


Don’t underestimate the simplicity of this game. It definitely is addictive and that’s precisely due to the fine combination of graphics, sound effects and game physics that Ketchapp provided here.

I feel it’s a great way to pass time when stuck in New York rush hour traffic or when feeling bored in class (but don’t get caught!).

I didn’t see any intrusive ads and that is quite awesome as well.  Nothing is worse than timed ads or pop ups and this one doesn’t seem to plagued with those, so kudos to Ketchapp for this.

Taking all of this into account I give this a rating of 10/10 stars. It’s no wonder it is so highly rated after all.

Digitally unwind and de-stress with Fidget Spinner and install it today!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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