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From the developer of Bottle Flip, Fidget Spinner and 2 Cars, Ketchapp once again delivers stunning complexity cloaked in graphical simplicity to the mobile with Finger Driver.

FINGAH DRIVAH! That’s what we call it in the Bronx. Whether you drive with your power windows lowered and middle finger sticking out in plain view for all Queens hooligans to see or are being resourceful by escaping the constraints of handcuffs through cleverly manipulating a steering wheel using only your pinky to get away you will always be known as the infamous FINGAH DRIVAH.

The finger driver is always operating on an unhealthy dose of confidence aided by adrenaline and has committed numerous acts of utter impunity so he knows very well the power of the finger much like the power of the pen over the sword. The finger driver also knows all too well how to use bump stocks in tandem with his trigger finger and modified AR-15 to polish off the opposition in his borough.

No matter if you are waiting in line for your WIC checks, minding your own business shopping for the basic necessities at the corner liquor store or being quick with your 21 switch electronically-controlled hydraulic suspension to bounce your lowrider up and down at stop signs, no one can escape the arbitrary punishments dished out by the finger driver! So beware, in a land of mean streets where nobody knows your name and nobody cares, the finger driver knows and can run you OVAH.

Let’s get into the game shall we? Deceptively simple in terms of graphics I am given a false sense of confidence and well-being thinking I can lick this game with zero problems. After all, taking a look at the leaderboard one has to think it can’t be that difficult to move a car around a screen using a finger as that’s the whole point of Finger Driver but it’s a lot more complex and frustrating that it appears.

Some dude named “Dizzle” has racked up 150,000 points and another named “Nate-dog 40” has 100,000 to his name so I think I should be able to rack up at least 10 percent of what they have accomplished.

I would later learn I was very wrong and wondered if there were cheat codes being used. What the hell right?


It’s really as simple as using your thumb to steer your car, being careful to keep it on the road and collect any diamonds that appear along the way. Failure to keep your car on the road will result in total failure in which you will be forced to start all over from the beginning.


Just look at these graphics. No wonder the file size of this particular game is so small. It’s like something out of the days of the Atari yet slightly more smooth and refined.

Simple graphics do not always translate into ease of gameplay and many a gamer has made that fatal error of assuming so.


It is readily apparent that no matter how well you can manipulate the steering wheel, even by placing your mobile phone on a flat surface for added stability and really using your index finger instead of the thumb you will crash within seconds. Surely this is something where practice makes perfect right? Wrong!

The game starts out a bit jerky despite the simple graphics except when in airplane mode, suggesting a heavy ad burden is the limiting factor in preventing your success. I know my device is an iPhone 5s so it is getting up there in age but other games of greater complexity play smoothly like butter so I think there is poor implementation when it comes to the ads.

Sure enough, ads pop up as soon as you crash and seem to want to lock up your phone and make it freeze for a while. I also had to force close the game and launch it again. However though, with airplane mode enabled this isn’t a problem.

Sound quality is a strong point with a cool, upbeat song you might hear at a late night club and this keeps you wanting to play again and again despite the difficulty.

Steering becomes progressively less responsive unless you very briefly remove your finger and quickly place it back on the steering wheel. More than 2 or 3 times I had my car veer off to the right and crash when it should have definitely gone to the left.

Maybe it’s the sensitivity of my touch screen or the accumulation of fingerprints interfering with the gaming experience but I made sure to clean my display and use other fingers to see if it’s just poorly implemented game controls.

I’m fairly confident it’s the latter as the car seems to become unmanageable the further you go down the road if you don’t briefly lift your finger from the display. Really, one shouldn’t have to lift their finger to get back some brief steering accuracy as even a second of distraction results in an immediate crash.


I’m rather confused as to how anyone managed to score 150,000 or even 10,000. This makes me question the authenticity of leaderboards in general. Perhaps the high scorers used an Apple Pencil or other more resourceful ways to manipulate their vehicle and keep it on the road for hours to rack up all those points?

Definitely it is frustrating like Ketchapp’s “2 Cars” that we reviewed just days earlier. Crash! Crash! Crash! Ugh. Don’t get me wrong, Ketchapp makes other fine games such as Stack for instance and Bottle Flip which don’t destroy you immediately or make you want to hurl your phone across the room.

It’s fine to challenge a gamer with complexity but making it impossible with a laughable leaderboard just adds insult to injury. I had to wonder if this game was only designed as an afterthought, yet for some odd reason it has a lot of popularity in the App Store.

I give Finger Driver a rating of 5/10 for being less aggravating than “2 Cars” but being ad-riddled and jerky (until you crash) at the beginning for a game of such graphical simplicity just shouldn’t happen.

You may want to prove me wrong and try it for yourselves though! Haha. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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