Glitch Dash

A new and promising developer by the name of David Marquardt has come onto the mobile game scene with an awesome 3D runner you’ll love on both iOS and Android named Glitch Dash.

When Apple said this is a new game they love they certainly weren’t kidding. It’s a 3D adrenaline-pumping runner/thriller. Yes!

I’ve done my fair share of running and ducking and jumping. You name it punk:  stray bullets, violently tossed 40 ounce glass bottles of malt liquor, switchblades and also the POPO. GOTTA evade law enforcement at every turn. I mean, life was that way in my HOOD. I know what I’m talking about when I say this game is just like the story of my miserable life growing up in the mob-run mean streets of the South Bronx.

It was only until I went into the Federal Witness Protection program in 1996 that the FBI and Secret Service put me up in a seedy hotel that still used room keys on the north side of the Bronx, which as they said was far enough from the South Bronx to not worry. I’m not sure if they were right because one day a waiter knocked on my door and offered me breakfast, speaking nothing but Sicilian Italian. I should have known better. Before I could realize I hadn’t actually ordered anything he lifted the lid over my so-called steak and eggs and produced a GLOCK, ready to turn me into minced meat!

The FBI scattered as their Berettas were no match for Sicilian firepower and luckily due to my Kevlar underwear the shot square in my junk didn’t do too much damage.

So much for the feds. I should have known that snitches get stitches and land up in ditches – or wearing concrete shoes and sleeping with fishes! Don’t mess with the South Bronx mob. Their cannoli does something to their brain for all I know or maybe it’s all the heavy metals in the drinking water making them turn to a life of buffoonery and racketeering.

Just remember that the next time you visit the Bronx Zoo may be your last.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of Glitch Dash. The splash screen and intro are pretty frickin’ awesome if you ask me. That’s some excellent presentation there.

Look at the color and graphical effects! A wide range of colors and great attention to detail can be seen for miles. I’m already loving this and I’m sure you will too.

A brief tutorial appears instructing you to swipe up to begin gameplay. After that you begin traveling through a psychedelic maze akin to the best acid trip you ever had in your life.

You’re told to swipe left in 5 seconds and you must be quick on your feet or in this case with your thumb. The screen is very responsive and that’s a huge plus. I had no difficulty swiping to the left just as the timer ran down to zero.

You are then presented with another message prompting you to swipe right and then another that tells you to swipe up and down, et cetera. You get the picture. It’s a tough tutorial and things become more bizarre and complex very soon!

“NOW SURVIVE!” is the final message you’ll see and boy do you need to be alert and be ready to swipe down to roll under various obstacles or swipe up to jump over them. Your path can end at any time and then you must either move to the side or jump. It happens quickly but not too much so. I can feel the adrenaline flowing quite a bit.

I must remark again at the beautiful 3D graphics. Gameplay is fluid and smooth and I’m amazed at how a game of such small file size (150MB) can deliver such a rich 3D experience. This is awesome!

I felt like I entered some sort of matrix and things look surreal and a bit creepy. I just don’t know what to expect next. As I said before it’s like life in the Bronx except the Bronx is utterly dystopian like a bad dipper trip.

Now let’s talk about the sound! This is incredible. Awesome techno songs blend into one another as the screen constantly changes and morphs into more complexity.
Great beats are heard which go along well with the pace you are keeping. It just matches up perfectly..seamlessly. Top notch CD quality sound along with sound effects that are very elegant and just pop at the right moment.

This is the first game on Indie Game Critic where I’ve heard such unique and well implemented music and sound effects. I would like to somehow obtain this music from the developer and play it on my home stereo system. This would be nice to play at late night parties and especially raves. I can imagine it would be popular with the glow stick-wielding crowd!

The game is very responsive to the touch as well. At no point did the display fail to respond to the swipes of my thumb in all directions even with fingerprints all over my screen. Mr Marquardt has indeed put a lot of work into Glitch Dash along with more than enough fine attention to detail. It’s just so highly engineered and futuristic. He’s definitely going to make a great name for himself in the world of mobile gaming.

This also works excellently on my aging iPhone 5s. It’s neither laggy nor unstable. I never had to force close the game as I’ve had to do with some other 3D games. This is as smooth as butter.

There is an option too to “brag to friends!” and share your score with your social media friends and I would definitely do that. I’d like to spread the word about this game and challenge my friends in the process. I’d also recommend buying it as it’s totally worth it.

It’s not too often that I come across a game so well thought out and with such great attention to detail. It’s like cars: other games are like the Ford Escort but Mr Marquardt makes this game like an S-class Mercedes or high end Audi. Beautiful aesthetics but full of performance and it delivers on all aspects.

Graphics, sound and responsive controls all mesh together to give you the experience you expect in modern gaming on the smartphone.

Another bonus is a lack of intrusive ads. I’ve seen so many other games be riddled with ads but not this one. It’s like a paid premium experience for free although I recommend ponying up the cash to unlock more features and remove any and all future ads as I’m sure they will show up sooner or later.

I commend Mr Marquardt for his hard work and determination. It has clearly paid off.

I would like to give 15/10 stars but alas I am limited to only dishing out 10 at a time. Perfect!

Don’t hesitate and download Glitch Dash today!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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