Jump Jam!

From the developer of Drift It!, AR Dragon and Icarus – A Star’s Journey, PlaySide Studios brings us a fun jumping game full of excitement to iOS and Android with Jump Jam! I will be reviewing this interesting game from the Apple side of things but I’m sure it’s the same on Android so no worries!

Now, just for some factual background info on me before I get doxxed. I’m William Lewinsky and I grew up on the mean streets of the Bronx borough. Life was tough there and also very, very rough. Every 2 days you’d get an ass whooping by some wethead dipper smoker donning a HOODIE and holding his pistol sideways for far less accuracy but more intimidation and terror!

Sometimes some dudes with slicked back hair and their long sleeved shirts buttoned all the way up to the collar would whip out switchblades and speak or grunt in a language clearly other than English. Maybe it was MS13? I haven’t a clue but all I heard was “Hey ese!” so I learned to be quick on my feet as these guys meant serious business and would swing their blades really low, trying to gut me to steal my Nike Air Jordans. So, I had to learn how to JUMP and avoid getting JAMMED by a Mexican blade that was probably sharp enough to slice and dice a Bronxed watermelon!

Shots were often fired at random times and my gut instinct was also to jump but sometimes I thought maybe a little breakdancing might put them off or impress them. If I could just show them a little talent perhaps they wouldn’t cap my ass!

So I learned the hard way that I gotta jump and jump often to stay alive. My orthopedic surgeon who removed a bullet from my ass last week remarked that I have the best bone density he’s seen in people from this borough. I credit all the jumping for toughening up my legs but it didn’t save my ass from having a 4” scar in it. Watch out when you’re walking down the streets of the HOOD because in a land where nobody knows your name, they certainly don’t care and you might someday never find your way home!

Now let’s get into this game and see the importance of jumping and flipping. What you learn in this game may sharpen your real life jumping skills and help avoid a cap in the rear or even the junk!

So you appear to be a dinosaur. Hmm, yeah. Interesting. A dinosaur is quite heavy now isn’t it? But just look at it up in the air, free as a bird and higher than a Bronx whore! Judging by all that vibrant color and slightly psychedelic scene you can certainly suspect DIPPERS are at play here.

After all, that kind of jumping can fuck up your knees and give you micro fractures that will come back to haunt you just like a retired NFL player. Well, at least he looks happy and I hope you’ll be happy too manipulating this dinosaur to jump high and avoid the obstacles (and of course protect him from drowning).

Simply tap your finger or thumb (I always use my thumb but that’s just me of course) and hold it on the screen. The longer you hold it the higher and further you will jump. There’s a fine art to it but not really. Just enjoy it and in no time you will have mastered it. Practice makes perfect after all.

Just like Super Mario Brothers of yesteryear, this is very similar in look and feel. Look! There’s a coin. DING! Awesome sound effects are heard each time you jump into the coins. Just look out for the water below because the dinosaur never evolved to swim. If you land in the water you will sleep with the fishes, that I can assure you.

There are also spikes that appear and move up and down the screen. You must jump over those and time your jumps properly to avoid being impaled. Imagine impaled dinosaur. Maybe that’s how they all went extinct. They could jump but not swim to save their pathetic lives and thus perished en masse.

The best part of Jump Jam is landing on that golden trophy. Now you can brag to the world about your accomplishments and even give the competition the middle finger salute!

Sometimes the shit goes sour and you hit a spike, get impaled and bounced off on your head, apparently breaking your neck. Not good. Not cool.

To be honest this game is so easy and kids will really love it. I don’t feel this is much of a challenge but what’s truly challenging is the ad-riddled experience. I mean, the ads don’t exactly show up in the middle of gameplay but they sure do appear after nearly every level and are timed and not only that but you close one ad only to be presented with yet another. Those are ads displayed back to back and makes me want to hurl my phone across the room or downvote their game in the App Store.

I don’t know if the Android version is also ad-ridden but please do leave a note in the comments section to inform us either way. We at Indie Game Critic are not too fond of excessive ads, especially timed ones which are displayed back to back.

A strong point of the game is the good responsiveness of your character to each tap on the display. I think that is what makes it so easy to succeed. It’s a good thing and I’ve reviewed many a game which promised a lot and was highly rated but was lackluster in terms of game physics and controls.

Graphics are full of vibrant but slightly pastel colors, sure to please the female gamer among us or man who is a bit light on the loafers.

Sound is another strong point and is neither abrasive nor 8-bit or otherwise crappy. It definitely puts out excellent sound quality and sounds much better than the Super Mario Brothers of Nintendo days lone gone and adds an addictive element to gameplay. Indeed I found this rather addictive despite the simplicity and ease of winning.

Sometimes you want a game that’s easy to play and lacks a formidable challenge and there’s nothing wrong with that. We could all use an easy victory from time to time to take the edge off the trials and tribulations of life in general. Everyone wants to be a winner, right?

I would give this a perfect rating as everything about it is excellently implemented. However, the excessive ads will annoy and thus I must deduct 2 stars for an 8/10 star rating. That said you can enable the old airplane mode trick to get around that. Haha.

Either way, feel free to give Jump Jam a whirl and install it today.
Jump, jump and jump high. The sky’s the limit!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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