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From the developer of Dunk Shot, 2 Cars and Bitcoin!, Ketchapp brings the art of swordsmanship to the mobile with Knife Hit.

There’s nothing like the art of swordsmanship. A brutal but also necessary and sometimes noble art that emanated from England not long after the mass extinction of the dinosaurs and was used as a powerful tool for primitive law enforcement and retribution by the Royal Court in the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Those caught in acts as simple as disabling the suspension of Queen Victoria’s buggy or failing to promptly reply with “Your Majesty” during ordinary court proceedings were humiliatingly paraded around town before being dragged in headlong to the Royal Court before Parliament as the pronouncement from the judge would indicate a quick judgment was looming as the Royal Swordsman sharpened his blades. Some of those convicted would pee their pants and give up the ghost after seeing the sharpening ceremony which would precede the official royal execution which would follow less than 30 minutes later. It was, after all, better to die before the pronouncement of “Swordsman! Bring me his head!” as it wasn’t a quick swipe of the blade as happened with the French guillotine but a slow and sadistic version of being hung, drawn and quartered.

A more modern version of this type of royal torture began in the Bronx after the 1998 gun ban by President Clinton. Guns in short supply with black market prices skyrocketing beyond the reach of Bronxian salaries resulted in a sharp uptick in knife crime and ritualistic sword executions among gangsters. Drive-by “swording” became a nemesis for a brief time and was even more dangerous than machine guns as there was little to no sound and ensured more impunity.

Because knife crime often maimed victims with them ending up in chronic pain, unofficial and unsupported pain management methods began springing up along with associated increases in heroin and dipper demand to numb the pain.

Now, let’s daringly delve into the game as it promises round after addictive round of knife throwing and swordsmanship along with social media connectivity!

The settings are rather simple and seem to beg the user to pony up some cash to disable ads. I have a feeling this could be an omen of an ad-riddled experience to come but I hope I’m proved wrong.

Facebook and Instagram icons appear in both red and blue with rewards of 50 points attached to each. I suppose this means you should “like” or follow their game and company respectively on those platforms but I could be wrong. I don’t think it’s worth a few points to add more “like” garbage to my Facebook wall and clutter up my news feed but you may find some value in it.


Knife Hit is very straightforward and no tutorial springs up as it’s simply unnecessary. All one must do is tap the screen with their finger or thumb to launch the knife at the rotating target being careful to avoid hitting the knives already planted there.

When you successfully land all knives into the target you will pass on to the next level.

I must say though that a strong point of this game is in the sensitivity of the screen to tapping. It doesn’t take much to launch a knife. Barely a tap and WHAM, it takes off. This is cool as if you are quick with your thumb you can fire very rapidly as if it was a gun on fully automatic mode!


Sound quality is excellent and adds to the clearly addictive element of Knife Hit. I love hearing the knife launch and also hit its target. It’s not 8-bit crappy sound as you’d hear with other games of such small file size as this one but rather very high quality CD-like quality effects. I firmly believe good implementation of audio can definitely make up for any visual shortcomings.

This game also has variety. Targets consisting of wood but also cheese and even tomatoes and sushi appear in upcoming levels.

I love tomatoes and also cheese and hate to see them being pierced just to go to waste but that’s just the way it is here. You’ll grab more points by hitting the tomatoes in addition to using up all your knives.


Although you are promised to be able to continue by watching a video I’ve seen the game either lock up and freeze if I click the “continue” icon or direct me to website that is rather suspect. I wonder how this made it into the App Store!

Anyway, I had to force close the game a few times and also be sure to close my Safari browser so I didn’t open that website. Viruses and malware aren’t exactly my forte and it’s not worth paying the price of ruining my iPhone order to continue. I decide to click on “no thanks” and restart the game from the beginning.


Colorful and vivid graphics are also a strong point of Knife Hit. It’s much more interesting to toss virtual knives at a sushi roll than a log but that’s just me. It does look rather delicious too doesn’t it?

My knife collection also becomes more diverse as I continue moving through successive levels. This time my knife looks like a candy cane.


A rather major annoyance that I somehow knew would be foisted upon me was the ad experience.

Ads sometimes appeared during gameplay right when I was throwing knives and that’s just not right. Totally not cool! Not only that but ads also appear after the game is over and your browser will open and try to launch some fishy website.

I say, beware of this aspect and just run it in airplane mode or if you really want to part with your hard-earned cash then do so. Airplane mode is free though and enables a much more enjoyable experience.

There’s a lot of games that involve target shooting. Many are simple or have ugly graphics and sound to boot but Knife Hit is above the rest when it comes to good graphical and sound quality. It also had a rather addictive feel. Not only that but the touchscreen is very responsive here. Kudos to the developer for this and it thus deserves 8/10 stars.

I would have given this a perfect rating but alas the ads were far too intrusive and I would hope an update comes soon to address this issue. This game is just too good and well implemented only to be spoiled with ads like that.

Go ahead though and do try your hand at swordsmanship with Knife Hit today!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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