New Name, Same Game

This is your old pal George writing to let you know of a change in our website. In the past we have focused largely on reviewing bad games and spotlighting shoddy game development practices for comedic purposes. While having a website devoted solely to the worst of the worst has been fun, our staff finds that this admittedly cynical outlook can be seen as negative and that’s not really our vibe. We would like to continue providing our readers with many laughs, just less at the expense of game developers who are attempting to practice their craft in earnest. Moving forward, we wish to shift our focus to pointing you, our fans, towards games you would actually want to play. We plan to still review some stinkers on occasion because we love writing about things that amuse us.

With this slight altering of our direction, we feel that the name No Replays no longer describes who we are and what we do. The name Indie Game Critic is how we will now be known. Our goal is to bring our patrons closer to some good games you may not have heard of as well as other amusing video game related articles. We appreciate the support of our readers around the world and ask that you continue to choose us for your toilet reading entertainment.

Hugs and Kisses,

George Kavanovich


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