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From the developer of Catch Up, Dunk Shot and Circle, Ketchapp brings us a unique but pretty humorous game to the iPhone and Android smartphone with Pineapple Pen. I’ll be covering this from the iOS side of things but I’m sure it will be similar on Android as well!

Haha. Well, this is pretty funny. A game where the objective is to hurl ball point pens at moving pineapples and green apples with a commentator who repeatedly exclaims “Pineapple Pen!” and “Apple Pen!”

Quite weird but hey, that makes things interesting doesn’t it? The more unique the game the better I say.

You gotta know my background because I’m the only game reviewer straight outta da BRONX. No one else understands creative writing in the Bronx as they have neither graduated from high school nor read any books. Bronx ruffians aren’t exactly known for their reading skills and book collections, that’s for certain but they know a thing or two about turf wars and even pineapple pens!

You see, back in ‘87 there was a lack of hypodermic needles and due to fear of the full blown AIDS pandemic and the only treatment being the toxic but infamous AZT, my homies had to be very resourceful to make the most out of their smack collection while staying uninfected with the killer virus. They came up with a novel idea. Fill a pen full of heroin and simply put the nose of the pen up to your arm and click on it to jab a sizable dose of smack right into your bloodstream. It was somewhat effective and law enforcement hadn’t a clue for a few months about this new instrument of illicit drug paraphernalia.

Inevitably though Bronx-driven gangsters became lazy, misplacing or outright losing their pens and began sharing the remainder of them with other opioid aficionados, thus spreading the AIDS virus and Hepatitis C. It was a scourge and probably took down more of my friends than anything else. All my friends are dead did you know? They are dead in an inner city borough where nobody knows your name and nobody cares. If you’re unlucky enough to tour the Bronx today you just might not ever find your way home or your new address will be the local pound-me-in-the-ass jail! Give that a long thought and I bet it will give you the fright of your life. UHHH!

So let’s get right into the guts of this game. It’s pretty hilarious. Tossing pens like darts at moving pineapples! How more unique could it be? First things first though: at least this one is not impossible to play like Circle or 2 Cars that we at Indie Game Critic have previously reviewed and loathed.

So, you tap on the display to start gameplay. Then you simply launch a ball point pen by tapping once anywhere on the screen. Easy enough right?

Timing it just right you must be sure to hit the moving pineapples and also any green apples that appear. Failure to hit either will cause your game to end and you’ll have to restart gameplay once more.

You get one chance so be wise.

I was lucky and struck the pineapple. The announcer exclaims in a funny but excited voice, “pineapple pen!!!” and I literally did laugh out loud. I mean, that’s just funny. It really is. I see Ketchapp has a good sense of humor here.

If you manage to strike a green apple the announcer will appear again and exclaim, “apple pen!” At first I thought he was referring to my pen looking like an Apple pen or pencil but I guess he’s just taking note of my successful hit on the apple instead of speaking about the company itself.

The sound effects are pretty awesome, high quality and well implemented. I like the sound quality and the way it sounds when I land the pen right into the pineapple. SQUISH! Haha.

A techno song with a rapid beat is playing the entire time and this adds to the enjoyment of gameplay. I always like a good song with a nice tempo as I feel they help give me an edge in concentrating. It also makes gameplay all the more addictive as well.

Responsiveness of the display is very well implemented too as any slight tap will launch the pen without hesitation. Not all games can lay claim to good implementation of game controls now can they?

I’ve played more than my fair share of games where responsiveness was delayed or sluggish and caused me to lose or at least gave me a ton of frustration. Some games simply lag or even freeze and must be force closed and relaunched but not so with Pineapple Pen.

There are some ads but it’s not too bad and it costs only $2 to go ad-free if you don’t mind ponying up the cash. That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Then again, if you want to go the cheap route like me you’ll just want to switch on airplane mode and the problem is solved. You can always buy the game later if you do wish.

The graphics are more than adequate and very cute. Movement of the pineapple is very smooth. There’s no lag or hesitation. I like seeing graphics be so fluid and also colorful.

There is the ability to share your scores on Facebook and other social media apps using the share button too.

Hmm. I feel hungry for pineapples now by the way. I also have a craving for green apples and think they taste much better than the red ones. That said, I don’t think I’ll be tossing my pens at them or using any to carve them up though.

Well, this is a novelty. What a unique game and also quite humorous. The commentator is just plain hilarious. Pineapple pen! Apple pen! Yeah. It’s pretty funny though. Most games are not funny at all or are just plain stupid. Not so with Pineapple Pen.

Decent but smooth and fluid graphics, high quality sound effects and music and a highly responsive display all come together to provide a rich gaming experience.

Thankfully it’s not too difficult like some of Ketchapp’s other games such as 2 Cars and Circle for example. Those two are tough as nails and nearly impossible to enjoy but Pineapple Pen is rather rewarding and gives the gamer a feeling of control over the experience.

Ads are not too intrusive and social media connectivity are bonuses too.

This wins the prize with 10/10. Yep. Perfect score. Ketchapp nails it with this game and I encourage them to make more novel and funny games like these. It’s fun for the entire family.

Don’t hesitate to install Pineapple Pen today and be a pen-throwing, fruit slaughtering master!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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