From the developer of Fidget Spinner, Stack and Finger Driver, Ketchapp brings us another game of complexity cloaked in minimalist design to both iOS and Android with Rider.

Ketchapp is notorious for designing games of small file size and the accompanying minimalism I’ve come to appreciate and acquire a healthy taste for. They are also known for extreme complexity which can be good. Indeed, what’s the point of playing a game that’s just too easy right?  One must be presented with a challenge and sharpen their thinking skills.  On the flip side of the coin if it’s just nearly impossible to play for more than 15 seconds then it’s a disappointment and may result in you hurling your phone against the wall in utter frustration.

In the Bronx we have a slang term for our lowrider cars which are equipped with smuggled Chinese rifles due to the Clinton gun ban of 1998 and homemade handguns of low caliber designed to injure and maim. We call them “riders”. They can be on rent to anyone who wants quick resolutions to various gang and turf disputes or to even prevent an unanticipated divorce or child support settlement clearly not in their favor.

They don’t have license plates although some have phony vanity plates that read “TAR”, “SUCKA” and “GIMP” to intimidate Queens hooligans and frustrate law enforcement attempts to bring them to justice.

For just an ounce of crack or 6 mentholated dippers one may rent these riders to do their dirty deeds on the sly and with unmitigated IMPUNITY. Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap – just like the AC/DC song that self-made white boy crackas like to sing all day. UHHH.

So I delve into this game on iOS and see some pretty cool graphics with neon hues that harken back to the Miami Vice days of 1986. Remember Don Johnson, when men actually could get away with wearing pink or even pink ties? Perhaps the pink neon is also meant to be less intimidating to the female gamer demographic so they will also give it a try and join in on the fun. Never underestimate a determined gamer chick. They can and DO often beat your ass at most games when not ridiculed with outdated stereotypes. Just sayin’!

It’s as simple as tapping on your fine Android or iDevice display and holding your finger or thumb there to really ratchet up the speed. You can go pretty fast so be careful and don’t drink and drive, not even in the virtual world!

See how mind numbingly fast you can go? It’s like “oh I’m going so fast..oh f**k! I’m gonna die and be ROADKILL”.

You launch up into the air because of that terrific momentum and inertia but this is absolutely necessary to earn lots of points and impress your friends too.

When airborne simply tap and hold again in order to flip. Performing as many successful, complete flips as possible is a great idea and will net you a good collection of points along with cool sound effects and text-based encouragement displayed on the screen to reassure you just how awesome you really and truly are.

Unfortunately it never says you are as good as the likes of Evel Knievel but most millennials have never heard of him. It’s a generation X thing I suppose! Haha.

It’s also pretty cool how you can share your high scores with your Facebook friends. Unfortunately the leaderboard button is unresponsive but that’s okay. Personally I don’t give a rat’s behind about leaderboards as usually they have what appear to be insanely and impossibly high scores anyway, don’t you agree?  They also intimidate me into not trying to hard when the top scorer has a bazillion points to his name and is named “Snoop Dawg”.

Ads do show up as a pop up but thankfully never during game play and are not timed so I can easily just tap the big X and close it down.

The display is extremely responsive as it should be and this is great for precise control, proper flips and acceleration.  Not all games have such responsiveness but that’s one thing much more important than all the fancy graphics, sound and what have you.  A truly proper game that’s well done will have excellent responsiveness as is exemplified in this particular game.  Believe me, I’ve reviewed many a game where the responsiveness was shit or frustrating at best but this one takes the cake for being awesome.

This is addictive as hell. One thing about Ketchapp’s games is some of them hook you above and beyond what other developers can accomplish. I really appreciate that. Perhaps they have mastered the art of digital heroin!

Lovely and vibrant neon graphics combined with a cool but slick and catchy song of the mid-1980s genre along with awesome sound effects and precise game controls make this a winner in my book.

In fact I will keep this game on my phone for those times in long queues at the airport or when stuck in rush hour traffic. Hell, I’ll play it just about anytime and anywhere I want. I strongly encourage Ketchapp to produce more minimalist but exciting and rewarding games such as these.

This earns a full 10/10 stars although if possible I would give it 12/10. It’s really THAT good and highly addictive indeed.

Be a star, explore the motorcycle racer and stuntman within you today by going to Google Play or the App Store now and install Rider!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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