From the developer of Amazing Thief, Balls Race and Pineapple Pen, Ketchapp delivers super challenging, vector graphics-style retro racing excitement to your iPhone and Android smartphone with Rush. I’ll be covering this from an iPhone but I’m sure it will be similar on Android as well so buckle your seat belts and get ready for the ride of your life!

Ketchapp does it again with their proclivity for producing very challenging games dressed up in deceiving minimalism. It’s just unreal how intense, addictive and action-packed some of their games can be and all in a small file size that will be acceptable to all smartphones, especially those lacking in free space. They named this one Rush and that very well sums up the entire gaming experience.

Rush reminds me of a classic rock band whose fans consisted of a handful of white guys living it up in the Bronx back in the 1970s. It also reminds me of POPPERS of the same name that disco night clubs in Queens would wreak of as late night partiers would sniff the volatile Rush brand of inhalants up their noses for a brief but intense euphoria, discarding the empty vials on the dance floor. Popular with the gay scene – so I heard – and I was sure to steer clear of that! We always used to say, “Queens is where all the QUEENS live” haha! If you dare be foolish enough to say that today in the 21st century you’ll be doxxed and probably lose your job for failing to be politically correct. Your email account will also likely be over capacity and full of hate mail from the DNC and PETA.

The best rush of all was the black tar when it hit the South Bronx as traditional powder heroin prices soared beyond reach due to rigorous law enforcement strategies and techniques. All my friends are dead cuz of black tar and I never heard anything back from them ever since. I suppose there ain’t no 4G or LTE in heroin heaven! Say no to drugs. UHHH.

So, let’s delve into this retro-looking game. It has that vector graphics style to it which was popular in coin operated arcade games of the late 1970s and early ‘80s such as Battlezone and Tempest. If you remember those or take a look at some screenshots you’ll know what I mean. Vector graphics were pretty awesome and had a sort of space age aesthetic to them. Very futuristic in a very minimalist way and required quite an active imagination.

With Rush it doesn’t get any simpler than this: tap the display once and the ball moves to the right and tap it again – it moves to the left. There’s no need for swiping whatsoever. No swiping up or down or sideways. Nope. I like it this way though. Avoid the obstacles with quick taps of the thumb or index finger, it’s up to you.

Just look at those graphics once more. It really moves at breakneck speeds twisting and turning, winding like a snake nearly unpredictably in 3D fashion.

The display is super responsive and this is great because you can actually get pretty far along before crashing into a barrier unlike some of their other games. This one was designed really well and feels like an art form.

I actually started feeling dizzy as I quickly but accurately tapped in response to the rapidly changing environment. Even I was surprised at my quick tapping skills as I made it a lot further than I ever could have hoped.

Sound effects are pretty awesome as well with a slightly scary song straight out of a horror film that starts right up just prior to gameplay. This sets the mood for everything to follow.

An instrumental techno song of rapid beats adds an addictive element to the experience and keeps you going, urging you to succeed. Thankfully, the sound is smooth and not abrasive in the least so when you eventually crash it doesn’t jolt you out of your seat or cause you to drop your phone!

I particularly like how the tracks gradually change color. There’s just so many colors to be seen and this too makes me continue and want to play it again and again.

There is a bit of stutter at the beginning which could be due to my phone being old..after all it’s an iPhone 5s. Then again I’ve played many 3D games of far more graphical complexity which ran smooth as butter so there must be an alternative explanation. It might be the ad or sound loading at the beginning that does it but after those first 2 or 3 seconds it is smooth the rest of the way and very enjoyable. Perhaps Ketchapp will release an update to address this.

The leaderboard looks unreal with scores as high as 2000 to 10,000 points. I recognize that name “D I z z L E” too from other games. Maybe he’s some sort of genius or has employed some hacks or cheat codes. Who knows? It’s interesting to imagine how long you’d have to play and how much black coffee would be needed to keep you on your toes that long. I also bet you’d definitely need your phone plugged in all time to avoid any distractions or battery shut downs.

The ads – apart from the tiny banner displayed at the bottom – are not intrusive and never appear during gameplay which is a bonus. Of course you can always pony up the cash to enjoy a truly ad-free experience or simply enable airplane mode instead!

This will particularly interest the gamer who grew up with the likes of Tempest and Battlezone as a kid. Vector graphics were all the rage back then and although Rush most likely doesn’t use vector graphics it certainly looks close enough to the real thing, especially the triangle-shaped obstacles that get in your way.

I rate this an 8/10, deducting two stars due to the stutter at startup which caused me to crash a few times. I’ve played many other 3D games of higher graphical complexity that never caused such issues even on my aging iPhone.

That said, it is highly addictive and will get your adrenaline flowing so hang on to your seat and get ready for some action. Install Rush today and don’t look back!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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