Sky Ball

Sky Ball is a surreal 3D racing game that will surprise you with every jump and keep you coming back for more.

From the developer of Skyward, The Tower: Assassin’s Creed and Balls Race, Ketchapp brings high speed racing, jumping and flying excitement to the iPhone and Android smartphones with Sky Ball. I’ll be covering this from the Apple side of things but I’m sure it will be the same on Android as well!

Ketchapp is an overall awesome mobile game developer that does a great job once more with a game similar to Balls Race, only better this time. It’s like Balls Race upgraded or its sequel with albeit minimalist but much better and more excellent, robust 3D graphics which gives you the thrill and addictiveness of jumping and sailing through the air nearly effortlessly at very high, dizzying and perhaps breakneck speeds. I tell you what, if you enjoyed Balls Race you will fall in love with Sky Ball. The look and feel is nearly mind blowing and it’s just my style of game.

Where I lived – which was the inner borough of the BRONX – life was really and intensely tough. You would go get your WIC check on the first of the month at the local DNC office and slowly make your way to the corner liquor store to purchase the basic necessities and voting forms for you and your family while facing the ever present threat of a drive-by shooting, either by Queens hooligans invading our turf, Brooklyn crackheads or Italian mobsters looking to expand their highly lucrative racketeering operations beyond the South Bronx for more protection money.

It’s a land of mean streets where if you dare to call another man a bitch or a punk it means an instantaneous brawl will break out and only one person is gonna walk away alive and they won’t think twice of stealing your Google Nexus! Because of a large number of drug deals gone SOWAH and the high casualty count and exposure to potential law enforcement interdiction of our drug smuggling efforts, we had a code word named “Sky Ball” whereby an order would be made on the apartment entrance intercom and a gangsta would slowly lower a rusty red Folgers coffee can out his window and down to the street where you would toss in a few crisp BENJAMINS and get an 8 ball of 90% pure Peruvian flake in return.

See. I told you that we Bronx boys ain’t stupid. We invented the sky ball technique of drug delivery with greater chances of escaping and getting away. By the way, all my friends are dead because of da BLACK TAR. UHHH. All found dead on the nod in abandoned warehouses with cigarette burns on their FINGAHS.
Just stay away from dope. Down with dope, up with hope! (Except for mentholated DIPPERS smoked in moderation..those are the exception to the rule).

Let’s delve into this game and see what the hype is all about but it ain’t just hype, it’s just plain frickin’ awesome in an epic way, pretty much.

A tutorial appears after launching the game which instructs you to swipe left or right to move the ball. Don’t worry about swiping up or down. The ball will jump by itself. You only need to steer the ball to the left and right.

Ramps appear with yellow markers on them which give you a hell of a speed boost and then you really go flying long and high into the air. Be careful to keep your thumb on the screen at all times and slide it back and forth so you can safely land on the lanes and ramps ahead and below you.

There are also blue colored diamonds on the ramps which you should collect if you want extra points. Diamonds are always nice and as the famous and timeless saying goes, “diamonds are forever!”

Just take a look at those graphics. They are superb and elegantly implemented and are a strong point of this game. There is a lot of attention to detail in the foggy appearance and various shading of the blocks or buildings on your left and right. The ramps have good contrast to them so they stand out well from the background and the pastel green color of the ball also keeps your eyes glued to it. It looks wonderful and is a true 3D gaming experience.

Sound effects are stellar and non abrasive. It’s all rather pleasing to the ear as with most games produced by Ketchapp. The music is another strong point. It is instrumental and has a rapid beat and ‘90s techno sound to it which I really prefer and enjoy. It clearly adds an addictive element to gameplay and immerses you in the overall experience.

The responsiveness of the display is also very sensitive and this is perfect for precise control of the ball. There’s no stutter or lag whatsoever, even on my old iPhone 5s.

Unlike some of Ketchapp’s games which are very difficult to play, Sky Ball is a relief as it is neither too easy nor too complex.

There are also a lack of any intrusive ads. In other words, ads thankfully don’t appear during gameplay and that’s a big plus.

Either way, you can pay to remove the ads or if you’re cheap like me you can simply enable airplane mode and not have to deal with any pop up ads at all.

There is also Facebook, Twitter and Instagram connectivity and you get free points for tapping on them. Social media is a popular way to share high scores for many people these days although personally I don’t really care but maybe I’m just old fashioned.

Well, I must say this is an awesome game by Ketchapp. I like 3D and especially when the 3D is displayed with elegant minimalism.

Graphics, sound effects, pleasant music, a lack of intrusive ads and good game controls and screen sensitivity along with social media connectivity all add up to an enjoyable but addictive gaming experience.

This gets a rating of 10/10 but if I could give it 15/10 I would. It’s really that good. I love seeing that ball fly through the air along with that music. It’s just perfect really.

Give this a whirl and install Sky Ball today!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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