Sonic Dash


From the developer of Crazy Taxi City Rush, Golden Axe and The Cave, SEGA brings us lots of fast-paced action with Sonic Dash.

Sega makes a lot of good, action-packed games and I believe they got the idea for this Sonic Dash from directly but surreptitiously observing the behaviour and mannerisms of dipper-addled wetheads of the BRONX!

Whenever you see a Bronx resident streaking down the sidewalk at full speed delightfully but manically shouting “OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!” along with being totally buck naked and seemingly impervious to bullets, beatings and even multiple taserings from New York’s finest, you can bet they’re on PCP, also known as angel dust, Numb Newports and DIPPERS.

These are the most dangerous folk and you don’t want to be anywhere near them until their 12-hour numb high wears off. They might just rip your head off and shit down your throat and cannibalise you in the process! Always be on the lookout for wetheads (PCP addicts and aficionados) when walking down any sidewalk or mean street in da HOOD. You gotta be vigilant.

So, I think you gotta be kinda like Sonic the Hedgehog and be quick on your feet to get away if you see any dipper-addicted gangstas coming your way. Some of my HOMIES interpret this game as being that of the wet-head but yet others describe this as the rational actions of a terrified tourist who needs to run and run until they find their way home! UHHHH.

Now, onto the game!

I suspect this may contain some serious adult action or violence as it asks for your age before proceeding. Maybe there’s no connection with that but go ahead and enter your data because there’s no way around it.


I went into the settings as I always do before playing any game and see a plethora of options including the ability to switch on and off the sound effects and music separately and also connect to Facebook. You can also view your statistics.


I start the game and love the 3D graphics straight away. Look at the vibrant colours and attention to detail!

A tutorial appears and gives you simple but straightforward instructions to manoeuvre your character around the various obstacles in your path. A quick flick of the thumb sideways enables you to move and get away and avoid being squashed!


A quick swipe up will make you jump. Be quick and think fast because your life depends on it. Everything moves at a neck-breaking pace.


Some obstacles cannot simply be jumped over. You just don’t have that kind of ability when the object is several metres high. In this case you must quickly swipe downward to roll underneath. Roll like you’re on ecstasy! Haha.


Not only will you have to roll but there will be crabs or lobsters in your path that you must destroy while rolling underneath various obstacles. This is tough! Be persistent but vigilant and you’ll get the hang of it.


All roads may lead to Rome but sometimes they are under construction. To stay alive you must quickly swipe up at the end of the road followed by a tap. This will send you safely over the gap and into the dipper-infused psychedelic world beyond!


Whilst in midair be sure to remember to collect the rings after you land for more bonuses and points. Points are everything in Sonic Dash and look at yourself flying so high. I bet you won’t want to come down!


After landing on the other side you are notified about your mission. You’ll get more bonuses for completing each of them so do your best to meet the quota.


Ding, ding, DING! You keep racking up points collecting those coins. Now take a look at the Dash meter at the bottom of the screen. It is ready to be used and will give you a boost of power and speed!


Some dude in a spaceship shows up and says he’s gonna kick your ass. As if your adrenaline wasn’t pumping enough already, now you have to dodge missiles he fires at you from behind.


It was one hell of a game. In fact I think only this game pushes you to your limits and really tests your reaction time and patience. I felt almost burned out due to overstimulation.


I believe there’s a bug within the game here. When asked to rate the game, tapping on “ask later” or the red X does nothing. You must rate the game and I did give it five stars but despite having rated it I couldn’t get it past this screen. It was clearly stuck. I had my internet connection enabled and tried tapping everywhere but it wouldn’t budge. I tapped on “yeah!” once more and it brought me again to the App Store to rate it.

No matter what I did I could not get past that screen after rating the game. I am sure this is a bug and Sega will definitely fix it. It’s hard to believe a Sega game could have any bugs.

Either way I just force-closed the game and relaunched it to start playing again.


I must say this game is not designed for the timid. It’s full of action at breakneck speeds. You must be quick on your toes and have fast reaction time. Definitely don’t booze it up or take dippers when playing this or you’ll end up with one epic fail after another!

Graphics are awesome, although at times they stutter, but my phone is a 5s and is showing its age. Sound effects are good too and what you’d come to expect from Sega.

There could be ads but interestingly I didn’t see any. That’s good of course!

Options to connect with Facebook are also present.

I rate this 10/10. It’s another Sega game of perfection. I didn’t deduct a point for the bug present at the rating screen because I’m sure Sega will fix it in no time.

Download Sonic Dash today and enjoy fast-paced action like never before!


– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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