Space Frontier

From the developer of Pineapple Pen, Dunk Shot and Don’t Fall, Ketchapp brings space exploration excitement to the iPhone and Android smartphones with Space Frontier. I’ll be covering this from the iOS side of things but I’m sure it will be similar on Android as well!

Space exploration has always fascinated us. The idea of seeing new worlds or even evacuating the planet has become a distinct possibility and within our reach ever since the moon landing in 1969.

Soaring crime rates and a looming ice age have terrified most of the American populace into purchasing stocks in private space exploration entities. No one will want or desire to hang around or linger here any longer when the glaciers and icebergs return in full force and drive a huge wedge right through the BRONX, causing all the ruffians to scatter and relocate to other communities where they will inflict a new climate of fear and create more turf wars, especially in middle class suburbs. We can sense some real climate change coming in the Bronx.

We had an unusually cold winter and some say a huge block of ice was ready to make its move on the iconic Kansas Chicken. That may be good for keeping our malt liquor nice and COLD but frozen BLACK TAR can’t be injected and besides that ain’t no one in Section 8 got heating. We gotta export the CRIME elsewhere and create new drug distribution networks, turning nice suburban streets into MEAN STREETS of impunity where soon nobody will want to know your name, no one will rat to the cops and nobody cares! You won’t even find ya way home! I’m sure when the middle and upper classes ditch this planet on SpaceX rockets for better pastures such as Mars all that will be left will be us HOODS. UHHH.

Let’s get right into this exciting game. I always feel excited when I see rockets. Either I think about our space program or North Korea’s latest missile technology.

I must say I’ve never heard of a 5 stage rocket but then again something such as this would be needed to defy gravity and make it to places such as Mars, for instance.

Tap anywhere on the display to begin the countdown. Each segment beginning at the bottom of the rocket will become smaller and your job is to be sure to tap right before the segment is gone as it gets burned up. If you are too late to tap your display, the entire rocket will explode and the poor cosmonaut will perish in a huge fireball. Surely you don’t want that on your conscience, not to mention the cost of such a fine rocket and also angering the shareholders! We’re talking about billion dollar investments and the future of humanity being at stake. Haha.

Each section of the rocket will continue to burn up so you need to be precise. Tapping too soon is almost as bad as tapping too late. Tapping exactly when the segment reaches the green line as seen below will result in higher scores and more boost!

Only the tip of the rocket will shoot off into highest layers of the atmosphere and then the cosmonaut will parachute back down safely to Earth. He even gets out and walks away when reaching the ground. There is a lot of attention to detail here so kudos to Ketchapp for this!

Graphics are stellar and very realistic. They will keep you well-immersed in the experience despite the minimalism. From the way the sun is shaded and the deep hues of the sky and fiery flames emanating from the rocket, it’s surely a sight to see and I am more than impressed.

An instrumental song plays in the background in a somewhat somber tone but yet it keeps you very encouraged and the sound effects add a very addictive element to gameplay.

There is also a commentator who conducts the countdown and gives you more encouragement. It has such a realistic feel.

Display responsiveness is spot on and I’ve noticed this among Ketchapp’s collection of popular games. Even the simplest of taps has immediate results without lag or stutter.

When you figure in graphics, sound effects, wonderful music and display responsiveness you truly have a great, elegant and enjoyable experience and this is exactly the way all games should be made. There is no lack of attention to detail whatsoever.

That said, it is a somewhat ad-riddled game as full screen ads appear at times during gameplay and force the App Store to open and that’s just not cool.

Conversely, this is such an awesome game that I believe it is more than worth it to pony up the cash to remove the ads or if you’re cheap like me just enable airplane mode and that will also do the trick.

It’s always nice to enable airplane mode for a while to evaluate a good game such as this and then finally pay. This one is really worth the few bucks they are asking.

The leaderboard boasts of some insanely high scores. This could be due to use of cheat codes as a simple Google search revealed ways to cheat but why cheat? That takes all the fun away.

I think it’s quite awesome to die in a flaming fireball as seen below. What do you think? You can’t win them all lol.

Well, this is all around a great game and also includes social media sharing of your high scores so you can brag to your Facebook friends or add to your Twitter feed. That’s not my forte but you may want to brag a little about your rocket launching prowess.

The ads are what indeed will eventually cause annoyance but having said that the game is just so well made that I firmly believe paying is the right way to go. Then the game is yours!

I thus give this 9/10 stars. It’s highly addictive and I’m sure you’ll love it. Perhaps Ketchapp will release a future update to at least stop the forced opening of the App Store.

Be a rocket man or cosmonaut today with Space Frontier and leave the planet behind!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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