From the developer of Rush, Fidget Spinner and Space Frontier, Ketchapp brings jumping excitement to your iPhone and Android smartphone with Splash. I’ll be covering this from an iPhone but I’m sure it will be similar on Android as well so enjoy!

You know, I really enjoy reviewing Ketchapp’s collection of mobile games. Most of them are pretty good, are very popular in the App Store and have received mostly favorable ratings here on Indie Game Critic. They employ minimalist graphics but are full of complexity and require good reaction time and skill. Everyone loves a challenge after all and I think this is one of the reasons their games are so popular and trending.

Splash in particular reminds me of paint ball competitions in the Bronx. When we weren’t busy gang banging and taking down Queens hooligans intruding on our turf with utter impunity, we were engaged in battle preparedness using old but salvageable paintball guns.

So-called tough guys would rip off their shirts in the middle of the basketball court, baring their chests for all to see so they could show off how many shots they could handle before having the air knocked out of their lungs. Dozens of blisters or welts would appear on their skin along with many different colors of paint. The one who lasted the longest was raised in rank by the gang or, alternatively, was deemed inadmissible due to “doping” by using DIPPERS surreptitiously before the competition.

You just knew someone was on dippers when they’d not even flinch after taking 40 shots to the chest when a normal gangster who smokes the odd crack pipe could maybe handle two dozen before collapsing.

When a dipper smoker starts cackling in ecstasy after receiving nearly 50 shots he just can’t be promoted within the gang and must be dismissed and later beat to a pulp when the numb anesthesia from PCP wears off the next day.

So, let’s jump right into this game and see what this is all about. As you well know I’m a big fan of graphical minimalism and keeping things neat, tidy and straight to the point but also challenging. That’s why I’m such a fan of most of Ketchapp’s collection of games. They push the envelope when it comes to getting the most out of a minimalist experience.

Here you can see that you must make a ball jump by tapping on the screen to launch it into the air and then quickly tap again at a precise time to drop the ball down into the adjacent square. You will jump from square to square and must be sure not let the ball either over or undershoot the square because otherwise it goes “splash” and leaves a mess of paint everywhere and thus you lose and must start over.

I really like the way the ball launches. It’s smooth and follows an accurate trajectory as you’d expect in real life. The display is very responsive to the touch and never fails to disappoint. It feels addictive to launch that paintball and then drop it right on the target with an additional properly timed tap with the finger or thumb.

Personally I always use my thumb but some may prefer using the index finger. I’ve seen many a n00b using their index finger. Usually the more experienced user exclusively uses their thumbs for all the gaming action.

The ball will automatically hop from square to square with each successful launch and drop. All you must do is simply hit the target without worrying about monkeying around with swiping or any other movements. Just drop it and that’s all you have to do. Tap anywhere on the screen to do so.

I decided to try out night mode which is rather cool as well. I like the contrast and it’s less harsh on the eyes than a white background would be.

Sound effects are pleasant and really “pop” if I may say so. I just love the sound it makes landing on target. Thankfully the sounds are not abrasive and interestingly there is no music. You just have pure sound effects at their very best here and I believe it adds to the addictive feel to gameplay. In other words it’s very reinforcing and I’ve already played it dozens of times.

Having said all that I can’t seem to make it past 35 points. Hmm. Maybe I just need more practice as practice (nearly) always makes perfect.

Look at all that paint splattered all over the floor! Surely I’m not gonna clean up that mess. I surely hope it’s water based paint and not oil based or it’s going to be quite the task.

Again, take a look at this leaderboard lol. I sometimes want to call BS when I see high scores like this as it would literally take hours without bathroom breaks or dinner or what have you.

They could just be very determined or even gifted. Perhaps they are professional gamers or have enabled some sort of cheat codes or cracks to make it to insanely high scores such as 4,599 points that “gaboshok” apparently earned. Hmm. Do you think you can even score one tenth that much? I have no idea how they can pull that off, that’s for sure!

Well, I really and thoroughly enjoyed this game of Splash and played it a few dozen times. No, I couldn’t seem to get more than a measly score of only 35 points but that didn’t stop me from firing it up again and again. Addictive indeed!

There are quite a few ads that appear but at least they don’t appear during gameplay and are not timed. No videos appear thankfully.

Gameplay is smooth and I like the array of colors displayed along with pleasurable sound effects and precise gaming control.

I therefore give this a solid 10/10 stars to Ketchapp for making such a well-built game for the smartphone. It’s definitely a lot of fun and at the very least a good time waster for those who are bored or stuck in rush hour traffic.

Give Splash a try by going to the App Store or Google Play today!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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