From the developer of Fidget Spinner, Knife Hit and Finger Driver, Ketchapp brings us another brain teaser with minimalist design to both iOS and Android in Stack.

Stack is quite a simple name for any game. I’m surprised the name hasn’t already been taken or has it? Either way, in the rough New York borough known as the BRONX we have a code word named Stack and it specifically refers to BRICK WEED.
We’d stack it and stack it up really high to fit it in the back of old 18 wheelers and smuggle it anywhere we want with total impunity. False bottoms, fake fuel tanks, you name it..we already did it and under the noses of unsuspecting law enforcement and their elite drug-sniffing canine units!

Even the Canadians weren’t safe from the highly adulterated, poorer quality but mildly TOXIC brick weed grown under cheap incandescent indoor lighting, cut with mentholated tobacco and exported under cover of darkness from the abandoned warehouses of the East Bronx. Boy was it ever mass produced, packaged and exported at full speed like we were on a MISSION from the Bronx ganja deity. I figure this game can sharpen up your brick weed stacking skills as you gotta be quick on your feet to compete with legal DOPE coming outta Colorado. Jeff Sessions promised in his opening speech to Congress to crack down on the Stack gang and make us pay with mandatory minimums for our most egregious and flagrant violations of the nation’s marijuana laws in a pound-me-in-the-ass maximum security federal prison.

Now let’s get into the game which promises to test your reaction time and mental skills to the limits. I’m on iOS so I’ll be covering this from the Apple side of things although I suspect it’s quite similar on Android too so don’t despair!

A very simple and bland, greenish colored splash screen is displayed with what looks like a button to play a video – perhaps a video tutorial – but actually starts the game straight away when tapped.

The purpose of Stack is to place one tile upon another as perfectly as possible. Tiles will glide in from the left and right. Graphics are very fluid and indeed colors do morph from a greenish tint to a variety of other colors as well which is really nice. It doesn’t look so boring after all!

When the tile is directly over the pile just go ahead and give a quick tap with your finger or thumb although I prefer using my thumb. The tile will then drop onto the stack, hence the name!  🙂

If one makes a perfect drop exactly onto the stack a nice sound effect, namely a tone will be heard and each consecutive perfect landing after that will elicit the sounding of a tone higher in pitch which encourages you to carry on and adds a rather addictive element to gameplay.

I can only imagine how great it will sound if I do even better and also what kind of more advanced graphical effects will be displayed.

It’s not exactly necessary to make perfect drops just so you know but any excess tile that hangs over the edge of the stack will be automatically chopped off and fall to the ground. Thus, each new tile that glides in after that will match the size of your last drop. If you aren’t careful it will become smaller and smaller and that’s much harder to stack. Heck, even if you are as careful as possible, you will screw up at some point anyway so don’t fret.

At least this isn’t one of those impossible games like 2 Cars or Finger Driver where efforts feel futile. Indeed, there is a sense of accomplishment after finishing the game along with beautiful, vibrant graphics.

There’s no stutter or excessive ads or any freezing or hanging in Stack. I also didn’t have to force close the game or relaunch it. It works perfectly well straight out of the box. So far I am quite impressed with the responsiveness of the screen to each tap unlike a few other games I’ve played and reviewed. When you tap on your display, the tile will drop on command, no doubt about it.

I found myself playing this a few dozen times on my iPhone and didn’t seem to tire of the experience. It’s quite addictive and also a good way to sharpen your skills and also pass time.

I can see someone utilizing this during rush hour traffic jams, on work breaks or just when plain old bored.

The lack of intrusive ads, smooth, vibrant graphics, encouraging sound effects and responsive touch controls make this an awesome game to download. Not only that but it has a compact file size so it won’t take up much space on your phone.

I give this a rating of 10/10. This was as I expected and I don’t hesitate to recommend this to my friends and colleagues. Install Stack today..the sky’s the limit!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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