Super Atomic


From the developer of Century City, Rise Of Heroes and Frontier Defense, Pine Entertainment brings an “incredible test of patience and reaction” to the mobile with Super Atomic.

Super Atomic! It reminds me of the eighties back when we thought the Soviet Union was going to nuke us all to hell and back but the Bronx was designated as a “Nuclear Free Zone”. I dunno what that meant because the welfare office was giving out plenty of WIC checks but no word on free nuclear arms! Sounds like a freebie and walks like a freebie so it’s gotta be a freebie right?

I want some nuclear arms to win my next turf war and make Queens glow green for the next 20 years. Radioactive HEROIN up my arm should provide more euphoria and a quicker onset plus the side effect of being superhuman but that comes at a hard price of less life expectancy for sure. The candle that burns twice as bright only lasts half as long, UHH. (Radioactive heroin does sound like a potentially lucrative business by the way).

Did I tell you all my friends are already dead? They rode the white horse straight to heroin heaven never to return, not even giving back to their community with cash or more dope. I guess there ain’t no dope in heaven!

Otherwise I thought that George Clinton and Parliament had something to do with atomic weapons and even with this game. You remember the atomic dog right? Bow wow wow yippee yo yippie yay! Bow wow yippee yo yippie yay! The P-Funk All Stars invented everything atomic as far as us ruffians in the Bronx were concerned. We’d drink 40oz of Colt 45 while singing Atomic Dog, smoking DIPPERS and threatening old ladies pushing their shopping carts down the mangled and needle-littered sidewalks of the meanest streets where surely nobody knows your name and NOBODY CARES! You’ll never find your way home!

I like everything that promises lots of fun and entertainment in a minimalist package like this. It’s such a small download yet has Facebook and Twitter connectivity, sharp, psychedelic graphics and cool music playing in the background to sharpen your skills and test your reaction time.

You might just want to go ahead and pay to remove the ads as this is indeed promising and looks to be not only Super Atomic but super addictive as well. I like all things addictive of course!


It’s all about tapping to jump and it’s very responsive to every touch be it your finger or thumb although personally I prefer using my thumbs wherever possible. Who actually uses their fingers anyway? Maybe those who just bought their first smartphone and are about 10 years behind the times but that’s okay. Whatever floats your boat!

You must tap to jump over that little spike on the inner side of the circle. I must say these graphics are quite awesome despite the minimalism.


Did I say the graphics were awesome? Indeed they are and it is mesmerizing and psychedelic..somewhat hypnotic.

The developer claims it induce vertigo. Well, I suppose it could and if you are prone to vertigo or already drunk and have the spins you may want to avoid playing in order to avoid spewing vomit on your shiny new $1000 iPhone X. Ouch!

Look at how the graphics pulsate and seem to dance around.. what’s more is there’s awesome sound effects that put you straight into the mood to keep playing until your thumbs or fingers bleed. This is a real test of reaction time and skill.

The song that plays sounds like one you’d hear in a trendy club. It’s very techno and hip. The graphics seem to vibrate to the music in a rhythmic way. Sound quality is pretty much CD quality or at least as good as anything you’d hear from a high bitrate mp3 or premium Spotify experience.

This time around I must bounce two balls to avoid multiple spikes.


Things become even more exhilarating and at an even more frenzied pace. Maybe the developer is trying to distract us to make us screw up, hit a spike and die. Perhaps he’s targeting tweakers or those rolling on Molly during gameplay or even the old school folk who prefer a few hundred micrograms of high quality acid! I don’t think you could play it on dippers though so don’t try that.

This will definitely trip you out even if you’re sober and is a good substitute for a late night rave or hallucinogenic concoction of any sort.


I haven’t seen similar games as most revolve around running away from monsters, blowing things away with guns such as the infamous but very popular sniper genre or playing solitaire. This is in a genre of its own and takes minimalism to a whole new level.

There’s a definite ad presence but they are neither timed nor appear during gameplay. The ads don’t bother me as this is so much fun and addictive. I would also like to know who composed the song as it would be nice to play on my stereo at home, especially if I decide to host a rave.

It’s not often that I encounter something unique that stands out from the rest. I give this a solid 10/10 stars. Can you imagine the file size is only 20MB? All the more reason to give this a whirl as it will take up next to no space even on older smartphones and also doesn’t consume too much in the way of CPU cycles.

Go to the App Store and you’ll see why this is hot and trending. Try Super Atomic today. 🙂

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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