Swipe The Arrows

Swipe The Arrows is a minimalist but tough brain teaser that will require quick reaction time and really test your  swiping abilities to the core.

From the developer of Zig Zag, Space Frontier and Ballz, Ketchapp brings fast-paced swiping action in the form of a brain teaser to the iPhone and Android smartphones with Swipe The Arrows. I’ll be covering this from the iOS side of things but I’m sure it will be the same on Android as well!

Deceptively simplistic and oh so very minimalist, Ketchapp masters the art of the fast-paced brain teaser here with Swipe The Arrows. Trust me, this is a lot tougher than it looks on first glance. “Ah, it’s just an arrow!”, you may scoff, but give this game a whirl and you’ll be pushing your brain and reaction time to its limits.

Let me tell you a thing or two about reaction time. Where I come from, which if you know me, is the mean streets of the Bronx inner city borough, you know you gotta be quick on your feet and handy with a GLOCK if you want to make it to the neighborhood Section 8 housing projects, state-owned corner liquor store or welfare office alive to live another day without being riddled with bullets from daily drive-by shootings from Brooklyn mobsters!

There’s a time for meth and there’s also a time for Newport mentholated DIPPERS to numb any pain from gunshot wounds or switchblade-induced lacerations and throat slashings. Never worry about blood loss…who needs BLOOD when you’re on PCP?! Not even the cops can taser you on that stuff as you become superhuman for the next 12 hours running buck naked down the alleyways of the Bronx! You’ll have no conscience and having a conscience is actually contraindicated for a Bronx-driven life of impunity and sociopathy.

Sometimes you need a little BLACK TAR mixed with crack for the ultimate “Belushi” type of high to impress your local crime boss as you carry out a few professional hits on his behalf. You gotta do what he says as you’re in a dystopian land where nobody knows your name and nobody cares. If you dare to tour my turf you’ll never find your way home and you will sleep with the fishes! UHHH.

Let’s dive right into this game as it’s what I think of as the ultimate in brain teasers on the smartphone.

The purpose of gameplay is to swipe left on the black colored arrows which are pointing left and right on those black arrows pointing right. Some will be pointing upwards and yet others downward so you just have to swipe in the direction the black arrows are pointing. Simple enough right? Not so fast!

There are checkered arrows where you must swipe the opposite direction on them. So, right is going to be left and down will be up.

These black arrows and checkered ones appear randomly and begin to fade away rather quickly (within seconds!) so you must swipe on them before they disappear. Be quick and alert, that’s all I can say and hope you don’t get a headache. It’s a lot tougher than it looks.

Common sense would tell you to swipe left on left-pointing arrows or up on upward-pointing arrows yes? That kind of thinking will lead you to an early grave here. Haha.

As you progress through higher levels the arrows will change colors and the graphics look pretty nice at this stage with vibrant colors. Be sure to remember that apart from swiping left on left-pointing black arrows, for example, you must also do the same with left-pointing solid colored arrows and swipe the opposite direction with any checkered arrows that appear.

Your mind will be going nuts in no time but I feel this will help sharpen your thinking skills much like crossword puzzles are said to help stave off early dementia.

If and when you fail (and that will be a lot sooner than you think) the arrow that you failed to swipe correctly will light up red along with some simple but ample sound effects which are not abrasive and are of reasonably good quality. You will then be prompted to try again.

One may also share their scores through social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp or even email.
It may be a good idea to share your high scores as any high score on a brain teaser is indicative of a high IQ in general.

Although there are few if any ads present and they are not intrusive, the problem is the game tends to close by itself after you lose. I really hope Ketchapp will release an update to address the stability of this game.

Well, this is one of the most minimalist games from Ketchapp that I’ve ever played (or from any developer for that matter).

I always enjoy a good brain teaser and at least this one isn’t impossibly hard like 2 Cars and doesn’t give me the urge to hurl my iPhone across the room.

A lack of intrusive ads is pretty nice but instability of the game needs to be addressed as it tends to close unexpectedly after your gameplay is over. Thankfully it never does this during gameplay or it would be an epic failure for sure.

Social media sharing being available is a plus although for me personally I don’t ever use those options.

Graphics and sound quality are good enough and keep you wanting to come back for more and more. I wish it had music playing in the background as I feel that would help add more of an addictive element to gameplay.

That said this deserves an 8/10 rating. I’m talking away two stars because of app instability which I hope Ketchapp will address with an update.

Test your brain and reaction time to the max with Swipe The Arrows today!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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