The Tower: Assassin’s Creed

The Tower:  Assassin’s Creed is an incredibly simplistic-looking game with surprising depth and visual appeal.

From the developer of Skyward, Car vs Cops and Circle, Ketchapp brings the art of what appears to be medieval castle construction to the iPhone and Android smartphones with The Tower: Assassin’s Creed . I’ll be covering this from the Apple side of things but I’m sure it will be the same on Android as well!

Well, finally I get to review another fine game from Ketchapp which, although complex, isn’t mind numbingly so. Reminiscent of Stack, the idea is quite simple and straightforward: construct a castle by tapping on blocks that slide in from the edge of the display and make them align just right for maximum points and progress.

A building can only become so tall before it will become structurally unsound but as this is a video game I think we need not concern ourselves too much with the scientific principles behind construction.

Although I’m from the mean streets of the Bronx I know a few buddies of mine that took up public sector union jobs paying $38 an hour back in the ‘70s building the eyesores known as Section 8 housing, also colloquially called the ‘projects’. It occurred at a snail’s pace with corruption at every level..the government being billed at full price for what actually was substandard building materials and cheap asbestos smuggled in from Central America.

Rent control ensured that little or no renovations would take place and if they were, the workers and foreman would be high on dippers to help numb the lack of incentive and also induce a state of total anterograde amnesia so that any work performed wouldn’t be recalled the next day. That was the way it was in the Bronx. Bronx politics! You think Chicago politics is bad, just wait until you get lost on our mean streets where nobody knows your name, nobody cares and you could never find your way home!

Let’s get into this game and see what it’s all about!  After all, it’s Ketchapp and they have quite a large portfolio and decent reputation.

Big blocks of stone will slide in from the left or right sides of the screen and you must be careful to tap your display when it is directly over the building for maximum efficiency and points.  You may tap anywhere as that’s not important.  This will also allow you to build a taller tower and be the envy of rival empires!

There’s a medieval knight that climbs the building as you stack one group of stones on top of another. I’m not really sure why he’s climbing to the top but nevertheless he’s doing it for a reason.

Failure to perfectly match up the blocks means any new blocks will be smaller, just as you would see in Ketchapp’s other famous game named Stack. They will become progressively smaller as you fail to align them correctly and this makes it even harder to align them. Finally you will be unable to align them any further and the block will simply drop to the ground ending gameplay.

I constructed quite a tower here and the knight has already climbed to the top after I failed to align and drop any further blocks into place. For some odd reason the knight will then jump off the tower, perhaps wanting to end it all after seeing what a terrible mess of a tower I just assembled.

I am then prompted to catch the falling knight and place him safely into the wheelbarrow/cart at the bottom of the screen.

Graphics are more than adequate and I appreciate the attention to detail such as the shading of the tower which gives it that 3D aesthetic and also the reflection of the tower in the pond below, tree branches, clouds and stars in the night sky. It really is pretty and has an aura of elegance about it.

Sound effects are very reinforcing by tones rising in pitch each time you perfectly align a block on the tower during construction.

A lovely and soothing song of high resolution and quality plays prominently but never abrasively. I fact, I wish I could have a copy of that song to play on my home stereo system or even in my car. This music makes one feel very enthralled with and captivated by the game.

One may also build a variety of towers around the world from China to the Middle East and Europe after passing and clearing a set number of levels.

The display is very responsive and each tap is recorded properly and immediately without any hesitation or stutter.   This is very essential as not all games are like this and failure to implement good controls spoils any gaming experience.  Ketchapp thus does a good job at implementing game controls and responsiveness in all their games.

Social media connectivity including built-in support for Instagram is also there and one may share their scores via email, Twitter and Facebook among others.  I personally don’t give a rat’s rear end about sharing high scores via social media but most people seem to care a lot!

Well, after having played this a dozen or so times I have really enjoyed it and definitely notice the addictiveness of gameplay. The graphics with all their attention to detail, beautiful sound effects and music and responsive game controls all add up to a pleasant experience.

Ads are non-intrusive and there’s social media connectivity which is a must these days.  If you really don’t want any ads it’s worth ponying up the cash or at least enabling airplane mode.

This gets a solid 10/10 as Ketchapp has nailed it once more with an excellently designed, highly addictive game.

Test your architectural skills and install The Tower: Assassin’s Creed today!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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