Indie Game Critic’s Current Top 5 Picks

Welcome to the first edition of our exclusive Top 5 picks! We will be rolling out a series of Top 5 lists over the next few weeks, courtesy of our very own William Lewinsky. This first one is a complete list of five current hot picks, hand-selected by our staff.


No. 5

Fire Up!

Voodoo is the developer for this up and coming but very popular and exciting game with vibrant colors where you obliterate blocks with numbers on them.  The larger the numbers on the blocks the more hits it takes to get them out of your way.  They are also color coded so you know just how long it will take to smack them down as the action is rather fast and unpredictable.  It’s packed with lots of intense gaming excitement and addictiveness to boot and gets progressively more challenging as time goes on.

I love blowing away those blocks.  I can do this all day.  Highly ADDICTIVE!  This is a sign of a damn good game from a well known and solid developer that knows what they are doing with attention to detail and game physics being spot on. At the very least it’s a good time killer.  It’s not only for times when you’re stuck in traffic or just trying to unwind after work but more than guaranteed to sharpen up your mental skills and reaction time as you keep blowing away block after block.  

Grab it now while it’s fiery hot!

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– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

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– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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