From the developer of Rush, Splash and Space Frontier, Ketchapp brings 3D jumping excitement to your iPhone and Android smartphone with Twist. I’ll be covering this from an iPhone but I’m sure it will be similar on Android as well so enjoy!

I really enjoy reviewing Ketchapp’s games. They are always much more complex and difficult than they appear to be. One can easily be deceived by the graphical minimalism and let their guard down. So don’t be fooled by the simple graphics or you’ll end up being absolutely frustrated.

Like I said before, I grew up on the mean streets of the Bronx and hard games like these would make us become unhinged. We had a good remedy for that and it was black tar HEROIN. Just a little push on the high gauge hypodermic needle and you’d feel yourself so relaxed like you’re rolled up in a blanket by the fireplace on a cold winter day, so comfortable and content. A warm euphoria would encompass your entire existence apart from the occasional puking and itchiness.

Once you experience that, no game will ever make you stressed and you’ll never ever want to come down again. Your adrenaline would be totally BLOCKED and anxiety a thing of the past..that is, until it wears off and you end up DOPESICK. All my friends are dead from indulging themselves with the black tar but at least they went peacefully unlike the agonizingly slow and painful deaths endured by those caught in the crosshairs of a drive-by shooting or a vicious switchblade attack by people who don’t speak English. The Bronx is a land where nobody knows your name and nobody cares. Don’t go there cuz you may never find your way home!

So let’s delve into Twist which is like a 3D version of Splash in a way. You must guide a black dot by tapping on the display to jump to the next square and the next and so on. Tap anywhere on the screen and the little black ball will jump to the adjacent square. You should also collect the pink dots which will give you an extra point and add to your total score.

Everything moves quickly in 3D and as the title strongly suggests the display twists and turns making it quite a game to master. At a very minimum you’ll need to be patient and that can be the most difficult aspect of the gaming experience to achieve.

Graphics are adequate and the 3D effects make this all the more interesting. Colors change as you advance further and are quite vibrant and beautiful. They also add an addictive feel to gameplay.

The display is also very responsive to the touch and this is important because there are many games which aren’t quite so responsive as this one.

Graphics are also smooth as butter which is very nice and good news for anyone rocking an older phone. I personally still use an iPhone 5s and most games work without a hitch but I’ve had a few stutter upon startup.

Although there is no music there’s decent arcade style sound effects which are adequate but not abrasive. Despite the graphical minimalism the sound isn’t 8-bit for example. It’s high quality sound and this is great.

It would be extra cool though if there was a techno song with a nice beat playing to increase the already addictive gameplay experience.

I tell you what. Look at that leaderboard. I have a hard time believing that anyone could score 500 points, much less 9,959 points as a gamer named “Triangle Bubble” has achieved. I have to wonder if these scores are real or did the user employ the use of hacks or cheats?

Just imagine how long you’d have to sit down with your phone to accumulate nearly 10,000 points. How do they do it? Wouldn’t that take several hours? This is quite a mystery but maybe they’re just professional gamers. I would like to think or hope that no one would try to cheat but you can never tell.

Well, I do like this game overall. Sound and graphics are more than adequate to make this an enjoyable gaming experience. Game controls are very responsive and don’t disappoint.

Ads are also non-intrusive and only appear after you’ve lost a few rounds of gameplay. Of course if you want the ads gone you can pony up the cash or simply run the game in airplane mode to get around that.

There is also the ability to share your scores with your social media buddies on Facebook and other sites.

I give this game a rating of 9/10. It could be perfect but there’s something about this that falls slightly short of perfection although I can’t quite put my finger on it. I think it could be the lack of music. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Enjoy 3D hopping at its finest and install Twist today!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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