Unstoppable Rex


From the developer of Switch Race, AR Block Party and Slots Agent, Sandbox Global brings the most menacing of the dinosaurs back to life and serves it to the mobile with Unstoppable Rex.

Dinosaurs are the thing of legend. We are taught about them in school and told they were absolutely real at some point in pre-human history but as all dope-addled Bronxian residents know, those things run up and down the mean streets in a place known as the Bronx ZOO! That’s why the Bronx Zoo is the premiere place to take your kids. Real dinosaurs on display engineered from unsupported but obscure stem cells make for good selfies although Bronx Zoo staff confiscate all film, smartphones and memory cards so the word doesn’t get out. No one is going to believe hearsay outta da Bronx anyway! Pics or it didn’t happen…Well, we ain’t go no pics. You just got to believe our word for it. UHHH!

Can you imagine or believe the time T-Rex allegedly escaped back in the summer of ‘89 and began relentlessly attacking long lines of desperate residents and their Cadillacs outside the welfare office behind Kansas Chicken only to puke up all the WIC checks and take a giant dump in the Section 8 basketball court? That’s some weird shit but maybe it was all a figment of our dipper-infused minds. Dippers make for some creative imagination and confabulations!

Now onto the game as I heard this one is rather addictive..maybe more addictive than DOPE!

I went into the settings and was happy to see all the colorful options including flags of 8 different countries which represent the languages along with ability to connect to Facebook as well as turn off the audio.


It asks for your name but no one says you must be honest so any name will suffice..even just a first name is good enough. I suppose this is required so that you can keep track of your high scores in relation to others.


You’re hungry for golden coins and people but must dodge the red spiked bombs as you run forward, ducking and jumping.

A tutorial appears instructing you to swipe up to jump and grab the coins while simultaneously avoiding the red bombs. Be quick and don’t hesitate too much. You’re on a mission and don’t want to fail.


Here comes two more bombs so quickly swipe downward to go underneath them. You will also end up eating the people on the street in the process of doing so which will give you even more points!


Sometimes you will face obstacles that may seem insurmountable or you will just want to blaze a mean path of impunity. In this case tap the lower right green button to become unstoppable. Nothing can kill you for the next 10 seconds or so.


Congratulations as you just cleared a level! One must remember that if you want to connect to Facebook you must do it at the beginning before starting the game. I had started the game in guest mode and am told I cannot connect to Facebook now as the feature is not available.


Strangely it informs me that I can now connect to Facebook to collect my bonus. I don’t exactly want my Facebook friends to be spammed with messages about my Unstoppable Rex achievements so I decided to decline it.


There’s lots of people and gold coins to devour with reckless abandon! I am definitely enjoying this and it’s especially funny when the people scream as they are being gobbled up off the street. The sound effects are indeed pretty good!


You will become even more unstoppable when you get more points and coins. Just look at how tall I am!


I ended up playing this for quite a while and enjoyed every second of it. I’d say it is highly addictive which is good in a game. In the screen below you’ll see your best score but there are many pay options as well to get more coins and green “unstoppable buttons”.


This game does serve up ads although they aren’t timed. However there are quite a few ads and it does become slightly annoying. Enabling airplane mode is a reliable way in most games to avoid excessive ads but not in Unstoppable Rex. The game will detect your lack of an internet connection and refuse to load if you try that trick.



Excessive ads! Yuck! At least they only occur after a level is finished and not in the middle of gameplay.


Well, I must say that this is quite addictive although I’m unsure why. It’s a lot like other games in that you must collect coins and gobble things up while avoiding various obstacles.

For some reason I feel compelled to continue so I think it has to do with me being a gigantic dinosaur and the reactions of people as they scream while being eaten alive. Not many games can lay claim to this kind of gore.

Graphics and sound are excellent despite being relatively simple.

The downside is an internet connection is required to play so there’s no avoiding the slightly excessive ads.

That said I assign it a rating of 7/10 for being fun and entertaining.

Try it out for yourself by downloading Unstoppable Rex today!

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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