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From the developer of Run White Mouse Run, Unforgiving and Hop The Beat, Unexpect3rd brings us a cute little game sure to please cat lovers with Wilful Kitty.

Wilful Kitty [sic] is obviously misspelled and that only happens in places where there’s a lot of subterfuge and a lack of basic education such as the inner back streets of the Bronx Borough!

Overrun by cats due to a systematic lack of spaying and neutering caused by misappropriation of tax dollars and undue influence of PETA and various gun control pressure groups, any “willful” kitty is sure to be on the run and ready to pounce and jump at the sound of any incoming gunfire.

Lacking appropriate cat-friendly toys, stray and domesticated kittens alike have little else to do in their idle minds but rummage through rubbish bins and kick around, pounce on and get marred by the sharp pointed needles still containing enough black tar residue to addict a significant part of the feline population.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a DOPESICK and probably unvaccinated tabby moving slowly towards you, it’s tail swaying back and forth rabidly to the beat of an indie rap song as it prepares to rip your legs apart for some SMACK.

That’s just how it is on the mean streets and I’m afraid it’s here to stay. If they will drink Guinness in Manhattan and indulge on Olde English 800 malt liquor you know cats are on a mission and they don’t give up until they get what they need! That said, the best course of action is to avoid all cat fights at all costs and give the kitties whatever they demand. Perhaps playing this new and trending game will help you sort out a cat’s priorities!

Here we go with Wilful Kitty, the game that all cat lovers should indulge themselves in. It’s designed for those of all ages too and is remarkably straight to the point and simple but also quite addictive. Kids and millennials will especially appreciate the simplicity or should I say “lack of complexity”. Yeah.

So the opening of the game shows a splash screen reminiscent of the Sega Genesis days of the early ‘90s or maybe even predates that. It looks like something I may have played on my Commodore 64 on a 5 1/4” floppy disk (what’s a floppy disk? Uhh, nevermind) or a classic Nintendo.

We are dragged quite forcefully into the world of retro..a world of what appears to be 8-bit graphics. It’s neither created by Sega nor Apple as they are known purveyors of the aesthetic. This is arcade style and probably developed by a decent guy with a penchant for restoring old, heavy arcade games and the bubbly CRT displays, soldering their circuit boards in his garage on weekends when no one is watching.

So, as one can see, whip out your finger and swipe around on the screen to drag the bowls, milk, yarn and kibble to your demanding but cute kitty!


Sound quality is the thing that stands out apart from the rest of the game. It doesn’t really match with the outdated graphics as it’s smooth and sounds like CD quality.

I mean, it’s pretty good sound quality and one would expect good sound effects and realistic meow-meows would correspond with more modern graphics. Not so here but don’t let that get you down. His intent was good enough and besides, gameplay is so simple as dragging items around to your cute little kitty so it stands to reason that the graphics can be simple too.

I really appreciate the realistic sound effects nonetheless as I am a cat lover. In fact, my cat (Kate) was alerted to the sound of the meows contained herein and was trying to poke around at my iPhone, looking for the cat that must be hopelessly trapped inside. I hope that didn’t traumatize her. Maybe she’d like to play too but can’t. She’s just a cat after all.


You’re given hints about which items are best or of higher priority to swipe around to bring to your virtual kitty. Either way, if you manage to slide the food into an empty bowl, it will automatically fill it and then you can slide your kitty into it and he/she will meow and be content. Even if you go off script and don’t exactly follow the hints displayed on the screen, as long as you feed your cat it will rejoice with more meows. Sometimes it goes into hyper mode and eats up all the items on the screen which is rather cute.

The more you follow the script though, the more points you will score. It is quite a puzzle so it may appear easy but trust me it isn’t quite as easy as you think.

The sliding becomes complicated over time as the screen becomes cluttered with more items. As long as you guide the items to your kitty they will vanish and you can move on to the next level but sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to swipe an object. I’ve tried swiping an object to the left when the screen was nearly full and the object jumped upward a block instead of to the right or left as I expected. Perhaps it’s a bug or maybe it’s a mystery of the game. It could also be my incompetence and naivety.


It’s not a game I would stand by and shove quarters into all day long as in the 8-bit days of yesteryear but it’s cute and besides that it is funny to see my cat be fooled by the realistic meowing emanating from my mobile.

This is good enough for passing time when stuck on a commuter train going home from work with nothing else to do. It’s a good time waster but please don’t take that as me dissing this as a miserable failure. This indie developer has gone after the younger audience who will appreciate the novelty and even neglect their homework for it.

I find it too mundane for adults or anyone beyond adolescence.

On the flip side the ads are few and far between and not annoying or timed.

I rate this 6/10 stars and say if you have kids and love cats, recommend this to your kids and download Wilful Kitty today. They will be sure to enjoy it and even your cats will be fooled by all the sounds.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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