Zig Zag

Zig Zag is a rather minimalist concept that is tough as nails and will test every ounce of your brainpower and patience.

From the developer of 2 Cars, Space Frontier and Ballz, Ketchapp brings fast-paced but frustratingly intense tapping action to the iPhone and Android smartphones with Zig Zag. I’ll be covering this from the iOS side of things but I’m sure it will be the same on Android as well!

Ketchapp surely is the master of mobile games of great complexity cloaked in a deceptive amount of minimalism! They don’t fail to please here with Zig Zag. You’ll be sure to be tapping desperately and compulsively like mad as your mind begins going haywire.

I grew up on the mean streets of the Bronx borough of inner city New York and it was some rough living. Going to the corner liquor store to get the month’s basic necessities was fraught with the ever present danger of being caught up in or being a target of a drive-by shooting by Queens hooligans and living there was always a precarious experience. Cash was hard to come by and WIC checks were a form of hard currency, even being used for drug purchases and prostitution as well as ordering professional hits on rival gangs.

If you wanted to save your ass in my HOOD you had to be quick on your feet and know which alley or dumpster to dive into to avoid a hit.
It’s a place where nobody knows your name and nobody cares! If you visit my neighborhood you may never find your way home and be unable to get away FOREVAH. UHH. All my friends are dead from the BLACK TAR heroin which is cheap and running rampant on the streets.

There are tweakers who developed new methods of breakdancing which later morphed into some really strange movements as they’d learn to even dodge bullets! They would rapidly step from side to side nearly elegantly, sidestepping all the DANGER so this game reminds me of that. It’s zig zagging at its finest. I think only stimulants such as ICE (meth) can make a human accomplish such strange bodily movements cuz DIPPERS would slow you down and although you wouldn’t feel the gunshots you’d still die. UHH!

Now let’s get into this game that I’m sure only the most raging tweakers can master!

Zig Zag is largely a simple game because all that’s required is tapping as the tutorial says. However, we need to put that aside as it requires some pretty intense tapping motions. You have to be sharp and quick with your finger or thumb!

There’s no swiping and no holding your finger on the display. It’s all about tapping. One tap moves you one direction and another tap moves you another as you negotiate your way down a very dangerous path, collecting pink diamonds along your journey which I bet will be quite brief.

I just feel dizzy looking at this screenshot and boy was it tough as nails to get around those tight corners. There’s an instinct to swipe for some reason but you just can’t do it so don’t try. All you can do is tap so remember that as it’s all too easy to forget it.

Graphics are semi-3D but still pretty colorful and vivid as the path changes color the further you make it down your wayward path of certain, premature death.

The screen is quite responsive but sometimes I feel it isn’t as responsive as I’d like it to be but that could be due to my lack of skill and not the fault of the game. Maybe I just need to clean my display with some rubbing alcohol or something as I suspect fingerprints could interfere with the tapping sensitivity. That said I’ve played other games with a fingerprint-ridden screen and didn’t have a problem. This game is quite demanding though.

Sound effects are pretty cool albeit simple but what else can you expect from such a simple looking game such as this? At least they aren’t abrasive and are of high quality and not a rough 8-bit sound like the minimalist games of the ‘80s and ‘90s.

There’s even social media connectivity so you can share your high scores with your Facebook friends but personally I wouldn’t want to do that as it may cause undue annoyance. I can see bragging about Clash of Clans or a 3D sniper game for instance but boasting about something as simple as Zig Zag over and over again may cause your friends to mute your Facebook feed! Haha.

A downside to Zig Zag is the ads that are intrusive at times and the game itself feels a bit unstable such that you can hear a sound when you tap on “retry” but nothing happens only to see the game start playing 5 to 10 seconds later with the ball going off the cliff. Not cool.

You shouldn’t have to force close a game and relaunch it to make it work again. This is definitely a strike against it but I am hopeful an update will be released to address this and increase the stability.

Well, I could only score a measly 56 points which is in great contrast to the leaderboard where so many have sailed up to 10,000 points. I have no clue how someone could play that long as it would likely require several hours and probably give you some serious eye strain. Perhaps they have used cheat codes or hacks. I don’t care how professional you are as a gamer because Zig Zag is just plain difficult and I emphasize _difficult_.

Graphics and sound along with social media connectivity are a plus but intrusive ads, a questionably responsive display and unstable app performance requiring a force closing and relaunching go against it.

Ketchapp has the right idea but fails on execution so until they release an update to address the ad intrusiveness and instability I must give it a 4.5/10. It has great potential and I would love to see an update come down the pipe, especially one which would allow for an “easy” mode for novices.

Maybe you’re interested in something that’s tough as nails and if you’re up to that kind of challenge and beating yourself up feel free to install Zig Zag today.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.

– Indie Game Critic writer/reviewer from Bronx, NY.


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